Can achieve half a Saiyan Ultra Instinct

Why can't Pan become Super Saiyan?

As mentioned above, the main reason is that Toriyama doesn't know how to portray a Super Saiyan female, which could also be the reason that all of the progeny of both Goku and Vegeta by the end of DBZ are all male - and shown that they can transform into Super Saiyan. Since the potential seems to be being passed on to the children, Bra and Pan should both be able to make it. Again, the question of design gets in the way, and the fact that up to a point in GT, when things began to go down rapidly, starting with Baby's use of the Ultimate Dragonballs, they led a fairly peaceful life.

One must also keep in mind that all the Saiyan children shown are half-bloods or, in Pan's case, only 1/4 Saiyan. If you take Gohan as an example, the human blood in him has significantly dampened his fighting instinct and the urge to exercise, which is why he preferred to complete an education, in contrast to his father and Vegeta, who also in times of peace as of instinct obsessed with improving their physical abilities.

Since the earth was peaceful from the end of DBZ to the end of the first third of GT, the half-bloods Trunks, Goten and Bra had no reason to train and they lacked the drive to do so because the circumstances allowed them to lead a peaceful life . Pan only trained because of the influence of Goku and Mr. Satan, but seemed to consider it more of a hobby.

In conclusion, female Saiyas are next to impossible under the right circumstances, apart from the fact that the species is almost extinct.