How are cell phones charged quickly

Charge your mobile phone quickly (6 tips for more charging power)

With these 6 tips you will charge your smartphone faster in the future.

1. Good cable for more charging power

In fact, thin cables can mean that less current flows to the cell phone. The decisive factor is the thickness of the conductive wires.

For example, if a cable with thin wires only lets through 0.5 amps when the cell phone could take 1 amp, it will take longer to charge. In this case, a better cable with thicker wires could reduce the charging time.

When buying a new cable, pay attention to the quality and compatibility with your device.

2. Fast charge with a different adapter

The power adapter also plays a role in charging. An adapter with more power can charge the smartphone faster if it is of good quality. The power supply units supplied are not always the fastest.

Apple itself explains on its support page, for example, that iPhones can be charged faster with a larger power adapter for iPads. Smartphones from Samsung or Huawei offer a quick charge function, provided you have the appropriate power adapter.

But there are also special quickchargers from third-party providers that promise particularly fast charging of the cell phone. When buying these adapters, you should not only pay attention to good quality, but also to ensure that they are compatible with your smartphone. Otherwise, the device may reduce the flow of current and ultimately save you no time when charging.

3. Charge faster with a short cable

This tip may sound too simple to work. In fact, the length of the cable can affect the loading speed, as the YouTube channel "Robert’s Technology" illustrates in this video. Shorter cables can therefore charge the cell phone faster. But also make sure that the quality is right.

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4. Cell phone off while charging

If you switch off the smartphone while charging, it can be charged faster because connection attempts and other processes cannot eat up power. If you don't want to turn off your phone completely, you can switch to airplane mode.

5. Charge at the socket

The charging power at the socket is higher than on a PC or in the car. So if you have to go fast, plug the cell phone into the socket.

6. Remove the case

In some cases, smartphones can get very hot when charging. For safety reasons, the devices can then throttle or completely prevent the power supply. Therefore, it is better to take the smartphone out of the case when charging. Apple even explicitly recommends this to save battery life.

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