Make parakeets like music

Soft sounds, melodic pop: Wellis like to listen to music

"In nature, budgies live in swarms that create a constant background of noise," explains Horst Bielfeld, author of numerous bird guides and animal photographer. Constant, monotonous twittering and singing means' Everything is fine. We are sure'.
“Absolute silence, on the other hand, is always a warning sign of impending danger,” says Bielfeld. Soft background music therefore often has a calming effect on the little parrots. It is true that the animals should not be constantly exposed to the sound. “But bird lovers can play their animals a few hours of music every now and then,” says Bielfeld. Soon you will notice that the animals have a very individual taste in music. Some relax with classical piano pieces. Others really get going to hit or pop music and whistle happily.
However, there are a few things to consider so that enjoying music does not turn into music annoyance. Loud music or songs with deep bass are not suitable for budgies. Since the animals have a fine hearing, they frighten off such sounds. In addition, the volume of the stereo system should always be increased slowly so that the birds are not frightened. It is best to only play the music during the day. Wellis also need their rest at night. They make quiet noises when you sleep. In this way, the aviary inhabitants signal that they can relax safely.
By the way: “Bird lovers can use the relaxing effect of music in particular to make loud family celebrations or renovation work more pleasant for their darlings,” explains Bielfeld. If the animals are housed in a secluded room and soft sounds are played to them, such events will not turn out to be stressful for the animals. IVH