What kind of music are you into?

What your taste in music says about you

What all your musical tastes say about you: Do you like romantic, relaxed songs like "Come Away With Me" by Nora Jones? Then you are definitely an empathetic person. At least one study by the University of Cambridge assumes this. For these psychologists analyzed the empathy as well as the systematization skills and the musical taste of 4000 participants. The result: the way we think and feel and our taste in music are interrelated!

Accordingly, empathetic people who find it easier to understand the feelings of others prefer romantic and relaxed music such as soft rock or R&B, while people who focus on small things prefer technically complex music such as jazz.

In order to investigate the connection between the way of thinking and the taste in music, the scientists asked the study participants detailed questions about their empathy and the way they systematize things and played them 50 excerpts from different musical styles. It also emerged that logic-oriented people preferred intense, manic music such as punk rock, but also classical music.

Here you can take the test yourself and find out what type of guy you are and what style of music it corresponds to.

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