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Project assignment: Pediatrician in the prevention program "Reduction of child malnutrition" in India

India - West Bengal - Bolpur
St. Mary’s Child and Mother Health Care Center

Duration: 6-8 weeks in August / September 2019, February / March 2020 or August / September 2020


Background to the clinic and the project

The children's clinic “St. Mary Child and Mother Health Care Center ”was inaugurated in 2011 and supported by the German pediatrician Dr. Monika Golembiewski built up. She works as a doctor on site 5 months a year. A preventive village work is connected, for the implementation of which volunteer doctors are deployed on a project-specific basis.
The clinic is run by the non-profit organization “Shining Eyes - medical help for children and socio-economic village development in India”. carried.

Based on our preventive children's clinic “St. Mary’s Child and Mother Health Care Center ”in Bolpur, West Bengal, a village project to reduce child malnutrition will take place in 2019/2020. On the basis of previous surveys and projects, all children under 3 years of age in 21 Santal villages are screened for anemia, wasting / stunting and clinical signs of child malnutrition (such as Bitot spots, Perlèche etc.) and examined every six months. Families with malnourished / anemic children are then looked after by social workers and village helpers with iron, home cooking lessons (complementary feeding) and the creation of a kitchen garden, as well as awareness units on malnutrition / anemia, emergencies for children and pregnant women, and family planning.


Mission description

To implement this project, we are looking for paediatricians who will examine the children on a project-specific basis according to an existing structure in the 21 villages. The missions are planned for 6-8 weeks each and take place in cooperation with a local NGO that organizes the village visits. The children (mainly 6-36 months) are to be examined for infections, as well as for symptoms of vitamin A deficiency, vitamin B deficiency, etc. It is necessary to clarify whether tuberculosis occurs in the family and, if necessary, refer to our children's clinic to carry out the necessary diagnostics . Seriously ill children (pneumonia etc.) as well as children with heart defects and neurologically abnormal children should be referred to our clinic. A team of social workers / laboratory technicians takes over the measurement and weighing of the children, as well as Hb measurement in the village, so that these results are available for examination.

In parallel to this project work, it can be integrated into everyday hospital life (such as accompanying the ward rounds of the inpatient children, occasional collaboration in the outpatient department, further training of the staff, or performing ultrasound, etc., depending on one's own experience as well). The daily consultation hours with patient care are the responsibility of our Indian doctors.

Project reports can be found on the Shining Eyes homepage.



A specialist in paediatrics, if necessary some experience in tropical medicine and the desire to connect with the poorest of India with an open heart are helpful in this development work.


Remuneration / accommodation / living space

Board and lodging during this volunteer work will be provided, whereby guest rooms are available in our preventive children's clinic in Bolpur, as well as a common room with cooking facilities.
The hospital kitchen prepares breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bicycles are available so that you can move around freely in the city, where there is also a university, cafes, etc.



If you are interested in participating in our prevention project, please write an
Mail with your motivation for the development work and background experience (Silvia Golembiewski: Email). We look forward to getting to know you.