Is it worth moving on in life

Never give up: why it is so important to keep going (+5 practical tips)

You want to give up

It all makes no sense ...

You know you shouldn't give up, but you're fed up.

You are tired, frustrated, hopeless ...

And all these great motivational quotes are sick of your neck.

My friend - I know exactly how you feel! Several times in my life I've been at this point where I wanted to give it all up.

I did NOT do it. I continued and it was worth it!

But I know how difficult it is to continue at this point and that's why I'm going to share with you my best tips and strategies for not giving up:

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Why you can't give up (even if it's tempting)

Everyone knows those moments when giving up seems much easier and more sensible than continuing.

You are likely exhausted and disappointed. Nothing goes the way you imagined. You think that there is no point in continuing to fight for your goal. It is hopeless ...

You may be able to motivate yourself with these sayings for a while. Such as:

If you give up today, you will never know if you could have made it tomorrow.


People who always win are not successful. Those who never give up are successful.

But at some point you can no longer take these sayings either. Instead of motivating you, they frustrate you, because for you - of all people - it just doesn't work !!!

But believe me: Just NOW the point has come where you really have to continue and I'll tell you why:

Why you can't give up now:

  1. You will never know how close you may have been to your goal
  2. I know you are probably thinking right now “And what if the destination is NOT near yet? If I have to fight on and on and on and it never ends? "

    My friend, I know this thought very well! The fact is: you NEVER know.

    You don't know whether it's 10 meters to go or 1,000 kilometers. But you will never know if you give up now either.

  3. You will regret it later if you give up now
  4. Right now you feel like giving up makes sense. You believe that you will feel better then: you can rest, relax, no longer have to exert yourself ...

    But the more time goes by, the more often you will ask yourself: “What if I hadn't given up? Would I have made it? "

    And you will regret it.

    Studies show that at the end of their lives, people most regret the things they have NOT tried. Do you want to be one of these people? No - you don't want to! So go ahead.

  5. You don't feel better when you give up - on the contrary
  6. If you're really deep in the shit-it-doesn't-work-phase, you'll be miserable. You feel depressed, desperate, or fearful of the future.

    You think if you give up now you will finally feel better.

    But that is a fallacy! Exactly the opposite happens:

    If you give up TODAY, you will feel like a failure tomorrow. Your self-esteem is going down the drain. You start to blame yourself for not making it.

    And the worst: You get scared of new challenges! You will think before each new task “What if that doesn't work either? What if I fail again? " And then you don't even try ...

    So go ahead! This is the only way to gain confidence and more positive feelings.

  7. You are now on the threshold of success
  8. Have you ever read the biographies of successful people? No matter if Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford or J.K. Rowling - they were all exactly where you are right now. Most of the time even several times.

    And they did NOT give up. Because that is exactly what distinguishes these people from everyone who is unsuccessful.

    And you don't have to want to be president, millionaire or superstar ... The principle is always the same. Whether you want to lose 10 kg, successfully complete an apprenticeship or earn money with your business - you will only be successful if you don't give up.

So are you ready to move on?

Could I convince you not to give up your hopes and dreams now, but to join the ranks of those who have pulled it off?

Very good!

Only one problem remains, right? You still feel like shit even if your MIND tells you a thousand times to keep going ...

And that's exactly why here are my ultimate and practically proven anti-giving up tips:

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Fuck you, resignation! 5 practical tips against wanting to give up

Okay, your mind is now convinced that you mustn't give up.

Unfortunately, that doesn't change how you feel at first, does it? You are still listless, frustrated and full of doubts ...

You urgently need a little sense of achievement that gives you a little boost. But that is exactly what you are waiting for in vain at the moment.

The following tips will therefore help you to gather new momentum right out of your low and keep going with motivation:

1. Let off steam first

As long as you are trapped in your negative feelings, carrying on becomes pure agony. You can still persuade yourself that everything will be fine - your subconscious feels exactly the opposite.

Your bad feelings will only resolve if you accept them.

Admit it! Let them out:

Howl, throw pillows around you, go into the forest and yell at the trees, beat up a punching bag or otherwise vent your frustration. If you have a good friend, ask him if you can throw up on him and then let out anything that is bothering you.

Or take pen and paper and write everything off your chest.

HOW you let the frustration out does not matter. The main thing is that he can get out. Keep doing this until you feel the pressure ease off.

You may feel tired and exhausted afterwards, that's perfectly fine. Then treat yourself to something that is good for you. You have just taken a big step forward!

2. Take the pressure off

When we really want to achieve something, we often put too much pressure on ourselves.

The problem with this:

A little pressure can motivate you - but if it becomes too great, the risk of giving up increases. Then it's important to row back a little and take some pressure off.


Better to go back 1 - 2 steps instead of giving up completely!

You can take the pressure off yourself with these measures:

  • If you've set a time limit for yourself, extend it. In the first euphoria in particular, we tend to overestimate ourselves in how quickly we can achieve a goal
  • If you have made a commitment to others to achieve your goal XY, talk to them about it. I am sure they will understand that you will need a little longer
  • Don't think about what others might think of you. Whether they grant you your success or not - it doesn't matter! It is YOUR life and the only thing that counts is what YOU want
  • Get support. You don't have to do everything alone, and crises can also be mastered much more easily together
  • Look around for temporary solutions. For example, if your business is not up and running and money is getting tight, work a few hours. This takes the pressure off your business of having to run
  • Give yourself a break. Tell yourself "postponed is not canceled" and then take a break on your way to your goal. Once you've recharged your batteries, move on

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3. No more ostrich tactics

If you are in the middle of the deepest crisis, you have the following problem: You only see the crisis!

You no longer see what you have already achieved and you no longer pay attention to where you actually want to go. You hang your head, give up and only think negatively.

Stop doing that!

Instead, be aware of where you are from and where you are going:

  1. Write down what you have already achieved! At what point did you start? What successes have you been able to achieve? Write down every mini-success, no matter how small, that you have had so far. That'll get you out of the feeling of having failed completely.
  2. Make yourself aware of your goal again. Where do you want to go, what do you want to achieve? And above all: why? Your WHY is your engine, your drive. Especially when things don't work at all, you have to look up and focus on your WHY.

Since your WHY is so important, make sure to be aware of it every day.

To do this, you can write it down and read it through daily or you can tinker with it Vision board: To do this, you paint your goal on or stick pictures of it on and hang the whole thing up so that you look at it every day.

The technique of mental images is particularly effective here. With their help, I survived my worst crises and never gave up.

4. Motivate yourself with celebrity power

Even if you are thinking that NOBODY has ever had it as hard as you are right now - trust me:

ALL successful people went through exactly what you are going through right now.

They were rejected, laughed at, lost everything, had to deal with defeats and setbacks and still got up again and again.

In the end, they were successful. But not because they always succeeded in everything or because they were luckier than others. No. They owe their success solely to the fact that they never gave up.

So, get some biographies from people you admire. You don't even have to buy thick books. You can find enough success stories on the Internet, for example from Sylvester Stallone, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey, Steve Jobs or Walt Disney.

5. Let the wheel roll

One thing is very important:

Never stop acting!

No matter how frustrated and hopeless you are, do at least one tiny thing every day for your dream. And if it's just a single affirmation that you consciously recite. Do it!

As long as you are still acting, you keep moving. You can slow down, you can reduce your activities to a minimum, you can also take a break and rest ... But never stop completely.

As soon as you tell yourself "Today I'm not doing anything for my goal, it doesn't make any sense anyway." you lapse into a kind of paralysis. You will most likely think the same thing tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow ...

Do you notice what happens then? Then you've almost given up, even if you're still telling yourself that you're only taking a day off.

Getting out of this stupor is extremely difficult. Just like riding a bike. First you need a lot of drive (which you don't have in your situation) to start. As long as it rolls, it's much easier to pick up speed again.

So, go one step further every day, no matter how frustrated you are.

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The motivational package to read on

All right, they were - my best and practically proven tips against giving up.

I hope that by doing this I was able to convince you to go ahead and move towards your goal.

If you need a little more motivation, the following articles may be for you:

Perhaps you are now wondering whether there are times in life where it would be wiser to give up.

Yes - there are! How to recognize them and which procedure is then right, I'll show you now:

The dead horse: when to really give up

An old Indian saying goes:

If you find yourself riding a dead horse, dismount.

This saying makes perfect sense, but the problem with it is this:

How do I know if I am riding a dead horse - in other words: whether my project is really hopeless? How should I know if it makes more sense to give up than to keep going?

To find out, the following questions will help you:

  1. Do I still want to achieve my goal? And WHY do I want to achieve it? What is the need behind this?
  2. Does my goal even suit me or am I chasing a goal that doesn't make me happy at all?

It is best to answer these questions in writing. When you write, you usually get a lot more insights from your subconscious than when you just think about it.

So did you answer the questions?

Super. Then you probably have one of the two results:

  1. You still really want to get to your destination. The goal feels absolutely right, only the way there is too difficult, too hopeless or you just don't know what to do next.
  2. You realize that the goal doesn't really suit you at all. It doesn't inspire you (anymore) and is no longer the most important thing in your life.

For both variants, I have a few tips for you here:

1. Change instead of giving up

Are you still totally enthusiastic about your goal and you ABSOLUTELY want to achieve it? Is it exactly what you want?

Okay, then giving up would really be a mistake. But maybe you have to change tactics!

Far too many people give up when they are just plain easy another way should have gone to the goal. So if you've been trying the same thing for weeks and months and not making a single step forward, then consider another approach!

The following tips will help you find a better way:

  • Talk to others about your situation. Tell them what you are up to and what you have tried so far. Other people often have completely different ideas about how to proceed
  • If you've tried alone so far, seek support. Very few people achieve their goal on their own
  • Brainstorm: Sit down with pen and paper and write down everything you could try to achieve your goal. Also write down completely crazy ideas, this is usually where the solution is hidden
  • Get out of your comfort zone and do what scares you the most. Very often success is waiting right behind THE door that is the most unpleasant for us

I am sure that a new path will soon bring you to your destination, because Albert Einstein already knew:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

2. Carry the horse to the grave with dignity

Many people chase the wrong goals: They want to be as slim as their 20 years younger colleague ... as successful as their ambitious parents ... as sporty as their well-trained neighbor ...

They do not even think about whether this corresponds to their own wishes and needs at all.

If your goal doesn't match your true values ​​and needs, then it doesn't make sense to keep fighting for it! Then you will not be happy either when you have reached the goal.

In fact, in this case, it makes perfect sense for you to give up. However, do not do this hastily and rashly, it is best to first use the above questions or take a look at this article:

Then, if you come to the conclusion that "giving up" is really better, do so with your head held high:

  1. Fuck what others say!You live YOUR life and not theirs. Anyone who makes fun of the fact that you gave up would not have granted you your success either!
  2. Set yourself a new goal right away. One that REALLY corresponds to your true desires. And then head straight to the path to achieve it. This will avoid the feeling of having failed ...
  3. Do not torture yourself with reproach yourself. You decided a while ago to go this way and now you choose differently. Neither one was a mistake, because you learned something new with every step along the way. It is often much later that it becomes clear what the good things we did (or didn't do) were for!

I hope that with the help of this article you will find the right path for you and with it your happiness, your success or whatever you want to achieve.

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