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Indian film star Ajith Kumar enjoys the peace and quiet of Graefendorf

The film star and racing driver Ajith Kumar, known in South India, spent five days in Gräfendorf in the tree house hotel with Stephan Schulze. Together they discussed and philosophized in the seclusion of the Waizenbachtal about lifestyle, prosperity and spiritual backgrounds. The film star from Chennai in the southeast Indian city of Tamil Nadu became aware of the tree house hotel through business connections with the company Vario Helicopter in the Seewiese in Gräfendorf and his hobby, model flying.

Ajith Kumar is a colorful figure on the Bollywood film scene in South India. Born in 1971 in Secunderabad, in the central Indian state of Telangana, Kumar was originally active in motorcycling in the 1990s and a decade later as a racing car driver. In between he took on his first minor roles in Tamil films and became known as a romantic hero. In 2000 he switched to the genre of action film and was celebrated there as a hero in major cinema films. There are now even some fan communities of his in Germany. His last film from 2017 is called "Vivegame" and his latest film, which will be released in 2019, is called "Viswasam".

After the mime finished shooting his latest film, he took a plane from Chennai to Frankfurt and from there a taxi to get to Graefendorf. The reason for visiting there is his passion for model airplanes, helicopters and drones. At Vario Helikopter, he was looking for new models for his hobby. He assembles these models himself in his spare time and also flies them himself.

He chose the remote tree house hotel as accommodation for himself and his assistant. "Here is a place of silence and tranquility," he said to owner Stephan Schulze, with whom he often talked and told of films and stunts, all of which he shot himself without a double. Kumar has suffered many injuries and at least 25 hospital stays.

"The action hero was very modest, calm, balanced, even reserved and a bit humble, so respectful of everything", describes the hotelier the film star, who is idolized in India and causes a stir. That's why he loves the seclusion in nature and the relaxed atmosphere without fans, hustle and bustle and media hype. Ajith Kumar even had an idea to buy a house in the area. There his equally famous wife Shalini, who is an actress, and his two children should experience the seclusion, the love for nature and the abstinence from the multimedia world. "Paradise is not in heaven, paradise is here," the Indian star said to the tree house operator in a quiet minute.

He would like to come back in May next year, enjoy the seclusion, deepen the cooperation with the Vario Helicopter company and then make model helicopter flight better known in his home country.

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