Why did Lucifer fall from grace?


What is the significance of the fallen angels? What are the differences between Lucifer, Satan, Devil, Beelzebub? From Hamburg

"You, Kerub, with outstretched, protective wings, I installed you ... You were on your way without blame until a crime was found against you ... I pushed you down to earth" (Ezekiel 28: 14-17). What sounds like fallen angels here is actually a pictorial lament against the Prince of Tire. And Isaiah 14:12, from whose incorrect Latin translation the name Lucifer (light bearer) comes, is a song of mockery to the King of Babylon: "How did you fall from heaven, shining one, you son of the dawn."

In the New Testament, however, fallen angels appear twice. “God did not spare the angels who sinned either, but kept them with chains in the darkness of the underworld and handed them over to judgment as prisoners” (2 Peter 2: 4). And: "The angels, who have not preserved their high rank and have left their own abode, he has shut up in the darkness with eternal fetters, in order to judge them on the great day" (Jude 6). However, these are not the core passages of the Bible and the content is about warnings to people. Therefore: The stories of fallen angels come from Jewish or Christian mythology, not from recognized scriptures.

As for the devil figures, in the Old Testament Satan (Hebrew: opponent) is a name given to angels with whose help God tests people - the most famous example is Job. Satan is by no means the independently acting evil, but "advocate of the devil" on behalf of God.

In the New Testament, however, "Satan" refers to a supernatural being with demonic powers that is not controlled by God. In this sense, Satan appears as a tempter and entered church teaching under the synonym devil.

The fact that Jesus speaks of Satan is also because the belief in the devil had gained greater importance in Judaism at that time. So "Beelzebub" (Hebrew: Lord of the Flies) was actually a god of the Philistines, but apparently a slang name for the devil.

Susanne Haverkamp