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Little Switzerland can sometimes trigger big debates. At SWI swissinfo.ch, we immediately sense when certain cultural groups are interested in Swiss topics.

This content was published on June 5th, 2020 - 2:45 pm

Trained landscape gardener / site manager. Afterwards art studies and program manager in various clubs and party locations. After eight years as director of Cabaret Voltaire, he worked as a social media editor and content curator at watson.ch and is now concerned that the content of swissinfo.ch will be read, viewed, discussed, shared and liked.

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Our heart rate monitors are the accesses and comments on ten websites in ten different languages ​​and the interactions on more than thirty social media accounts. And on our website and in our "SWI plus" app, we directly stimulate dialogues through which we receive even more feedback and input.

Popular votes are often the subject of debate. Should the keeping of horns in cows be financially supported, homophobia punished or a basic income introduced?

Depending on the cultural background and thematic interests, such voting questions lead to amazement, heated discussions or valuable conversations.

Regardless of the voting, Switzerland repeatedly gives rise to discussions far beyond national borders. For example, the liberal attitude towards euthanasia is a recurring subject of controversy.

Or if we critically question the local clichés in our reporting, it often causes a sensation that in Switzerland not all that glitters is gold.

And when a global pandemic breaks out, we notice that our websites are very often the first address for foreign-language information about Switzerland and that their balanced information is gladly shared and discussed on social media.

Every now and then we are called to account by our readers. It can happen to us that we are wrong or report one-sidedly. In this case, we are very grateful for your criticism and try to respond as quickly and transparently as possible with corrections and subsequent reporting.

One of my tasks is to keep track of these debates and their content. Every week I share what I observe with my colleagues across all ten language editorial offices, and here with you too.

Would you like to keep up to date with the international debates at SWI swissinfo.ch? Here you can find out what is being discussed around the world about Switzerland.

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