Can you explain what active forging is

HEPHAISTOS edition 3/21

In the new yearbook Metalldesign international 2021, the publishing house HEPHAISTOS presents again very different metal designers and metal artists. It is not just the work of the eight featured people that is different. The way they market themselves is also quite different. Because social media are also playing an increasingly important role in marketing. In the text part, the protagonists explain their strategies.
In the 23rd edition of the yearbook, Shona Johnson and Pete Hill from Scotland, Frank Schönemann, Georg Mayerhanser and Rüdiger Schwenk from Germany, Seppo Riihonen from Finland, Reinhard Gschwandtner from Austria, Egor Bavykin from Russia and Adam Piechowiak from Poland show a selection of their work .
As always, the editorial team tried to combine very different metal designers between the book covers. This once again documents the diversity of metal design from forging to contemporary use in construction, the versatility of the material to art in metal.
In addition to this aspect, it was also important when selecting the metal designers in the yearbook to show the regional and country-specific differences among customers. Because they ultimately dictate what the metal designers can and should offer.
Look forward to the new yearbook. It will be available from the beginning of December 2020.