How do Giardia and Trypanosome differ

Microscopic parasitology

Medical microbiology pp 556-589 | Cite as

  • Ernest Jawetz
  • Joseph L. Melnick
  • Edward A. Adelberg


In this chapter we shall discuss individual parasitic protozoa and helminths whose identification is carried out by microscopic examination of blood, stool, vomit, swabs, or by biopsy. Many of these parasites are widespread in nature, while others are more or less restricted to certain geographic areas as they generally require intermediate hosts (including arthropods as vectors) with local distribution. These parasites are common in tropical or subtropical areas.

By J. Ralph Andy, M.D., B.S., Ph.D., and Frederick L. Dunn, M.D., D.T.M. & H .. The illustrations on pp. 585-589 were adapted by P. H. Vercammen-Greandjean, D. Sc. prepared.

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  • Ernest Jawetz
  • Joseph L. Melnick
  • Edward A. Adelberg
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