What are the rules for reusing stamps

Legal question of the day:

Every now and then I get mail where the stamp is not canceled. Can I replace and reuse the trademark?


There are stamps in a wide variety of designs. A lot is possible, from colorful special stamps to simple machine brands. Postage stamps are used as proof that you paid the cost of shipping your mail. The stamp is canceled by a stamp. The cancellation can still be done by hand today. If the stamp on your post is crossed with a pen, for example, it is also considered canceled.

The cancellation is intended to prevent the postage stamp from being used again. Of course, letters slip through from time to time and end up in the recipient's mailbox with an unstamped stamp. If you look at the purpose of a postage stamp, your question actually answers itself. Once a stamp has been used, you cannot reuse it. Under certain circumstances you can even make yourself liable to prosecution.

If you use a brand for the second time, fraud is possible. Finally, you are deceiving the postal company that you paid the fee for the delivery of the letter. If you have removed the stamp from a stamp and use it again, the offense of counterfeiting can also apply.

Of course, the reuse would have to be proven to you. This can be difficult in individual cases. However, it is better to buy a new brand for moral reasons as well. After all, you are using a service that costs money.