How much does an emergency room cost without insurance

Hospital emergency rooms cost health insurances billions

Avoidable emergencies place an enormous strain on the health system

Scientists at the IGES Institute have identified almost 3.5 million avoidable hospital cases. In the study presented on July 22, 2016 on behalf of the Central Institute for Statutory Health Insurance (Zi), they calculate that the costs for the admission and inpatient treatment of these people, whom a resident doctor could have helped, to be just under 4 , 8 billion euros annually.

Equivalent outpatient treatment is spurned

The scientists specifically examined the hospital cases that could in principle have been prevented by effective and timely outpatient care. In total, they have identified 3.453 million such cases. These included 1.768 million cases with the reason for admission "emergency", which were usually not based on an admission. The hospital is more visible as a point of contact for these patients, some expect complete care from a single source or they simply do not want to wait for an appointment in a busy specialist practice, said Dr. med. Andreas Gassen about possible reasons to the "Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt".

The chairman of the board of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) particularly criticized the fact that the use of an outpatient clinic was sometimes directly advertised. "This is especially true in metropolitan areas, where hospitals are easily accessible, as well as well-developed hospital capacities and especially large capacities in the emergency rooms."

Patients take the easy route, the community pays

More than half of all avoidable hospital cases are admitted without a doctor's briefing. If you look at what happens on working days, around half of the recordings are made without a doctor's briefing during the usual practice opening hours, "reported the managing director of the IGES Institute, Dr. Martin Albrecht. According to him, according to statistics, the hospitals receive the most attention on Mondays and Tuesdays during the day, that is after the weekend. Overall, however, the number of avoidable recordings without instruction on working days, especially during practice opening hours, is about as high as outside of office hours Comparison portal The high level of utilization cannot be explained by a lack of supply from statutory medical practices. Adolph: "There is simply a lack of cost awareness, since it is not the private individual but the health insurers who have to train the additional costs."

Funds are calling for the false emergency patients to be diverted

The CEO of the Zi, Dr. Andreas Gassen, is calling for the emergency care to be realigned against the backdrop of the billions in mismanagement. "The money could be invested much better in order to make modern outpatient medicine more affordable for an aging Germany," says Dr. Alleys. "The emergency rooms in the hospitals contradict the legally anchored principle of outpatient before inpatient.

Expert opinion on hospital reform

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