Who should buy an earthquake-proof bed

Chinese develop earthquake-proof bed that swallows sleepers

Here in Germany it almost never happens that you are surprised by an earthquake. In other countries, however, such a natural disaster is a permanent threat, and that for millions of people on earth. In China or Japan in particular, many live with the fear of being overwhelmed by a quake at any time. This is of course particularly bad in sleep, because then you have no way of being able to react with presence of mind.

For this scenario, the Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi developed a bed that can protect you in the event of an earthquake. It is equipped with two folding doors that can open and swallow the sleeper, so to speak, into a box under the bed. The sensors on the bed detect every earthquake and turn the sleeping area into a safe bunker. The mattress divides, lets the sleeper down into the box and then closes again.

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So far there is no prototype of the earthquake bed, but there is an animated video that shows how it all works. In the video, entire cities collapse over the bed and if that happens, the frame can spill. In order to be able to wait for a rescue in the bunker for days, the inventor also came up with something. This is where supplies and gas masks are stowed away, and an alarm system has also been installed to direct rescue workers to the area.

As cool as it all sounds, questions remain unanswered. What happens if someone is not in the ideal position on the bed? Is there a toilet in the bunker bed? Which is creepier: a bed that soaks up the sleeper or being surprised by an earthquake?

Wang Wenxi patented the bed in 2010, but the project is far from finished as he is still working on perfecting the bed. However, the chances that the device will hit the market and be accepted are very slim. In earthquake-prone areas, most houses stand for hundreds of years without anything happening. So many generations would have to hoard the thing and sleep on it, and they may never experience a tremor.

Source: focus