Why do men tease women

Men: This is how they flirt with you when they really want you

Who does not know it? You actually fell in love with a friend of yours. You have known each other for a while and do things together with your friends from time to time, such as eating out, partying or going to the cinema. But slowly you would like to meet him alone and only get to know him in private. After all, you have the feeling that he indirectly makes beautiful eyes for you too. Now how do you find out if he's really interested in you or he's just being nice to you? Since you can of course always rely on us, we have peeked into the men's world for you and tell you how he flirts with you when he really wants something from you. At the next meeting or text you simply pay attention to these signs and can answer your questions better.

1. He seeks physical contact only with you

And we don't mean that in a negative context. We're talking about small hugs and touches. Especially when he doesn't do this to other women around you, you can feel special. He shows you that he feels comfortable around you and likes to be with you. In order to reciprocate his gesture, you can hook up to him at the next meeting or take a charming touch of his arm while laughing.

2. He always looks you in the eye

But not only physically, he also manages to touch you with his eyes. If you notice that he looks you deep in the eye during a conversation and keeps smiling or scratching his head nervously, you can assume that he is into you. If he wasn't interested, he'd answer you without even looking in your direction. If he really wants something from you, he will always want to hang on your lips and talk to you.

3. He writes to you often

Yeah, we know what you're thinking right now. If he really wants something, why doesn't he make the hints personally? Girls, we know that it's not always easy with men, but we actually have to turn a blind eye here. It's normal for him to be nervous and shy. When writing, he can be more open with you and better assess your reaction before telling you these things at the meeting. So if he also writes to you privately, outside of the Whatsapp group, and wants to find out more about you, and sometimes until late at night, then you are definitely interesting for him.

4. He teases you

We already know the saying "What teases, loves each other" from our primary school days. In fact, we do agree to this to a certain extent. If he keeps giving you cheeky or funny answers and doesn't play these games with other women, then that is another indication that he is into you. Teasing is also a type of flirtation that men use to make them laugh with women they particularly like.

5. He compliments you

If he gives you serious compliments in addition to jokes, touches and eye contact, the good guy has probably fallen in love with you too. Above all, you can determine this when the statements are not necessarily limited to your appearance, but to your character. If his words are always based on your external appearance, however, this is a sign that he is pretty superficial. By the way, we have figured out for you what his compliments really mean here.

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