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Instructions: Treat the basement floor with cement or floor paint

Basement floors have to withstand high loads and should still be clean and attractive. So that mineral floors remain hard-wearing and at the same time easy to care for, they are painted with a water-thinnable cement and floor paint.

However, if it is a boiler room, oil-proof paint must be applied to the floor.

The water-thinnable cement and floor paint is abrasion-proof, chemical-resistant and is suitable for basement, workshop and storage rooms that are exposed to medium loads. In this guide we explain each one Steps on how to paint the basement floor yourself.

Regulations for boiler rooms

When painting walls and floors in boiler rooms there are special requirements, which are checked by an expert:

  1. It must oil-proof paint be used
  2. The color must applied in three layers become
  3. The three layers need to be at the top of the wall made visible by overlapping them in a fan shape and painting the middle layer in a different shade (e.g. first layer gray, second blue, third again gray).

Before the first coat, vacuum up coarse dirt and dust with a vacuum cleaner or clean the basement with a broom. Stubborn dirt can be bound with water and can be wiped off with a scrubber. Only when the floor is free of dust, dirt and grease the paint may be applied. In addition, the soil must be completely dry. When using a cleaning agent, wipe it off with clear water to avoid cleaning agent residues.

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Prime the basement floor

If it is being painted for the first time, a primer with deep primer is applied first. This gives the cement paint better adhesion and is also recommended for highly absorbent and sandy substrates. The primer is applied in even strips.

The first coat

After the primer has dried (about 12-48 hours) Dilute the cement or concrete paint to 10% with water and paint the edges and corners with a small lambskin roller or with a brush. This is followed by the large-scale painting of the floor area. As with the primer, the paint is to be applied opaquely in strips.

Intermediate and final coat for the basement floor

The last step is to paint the basement floor with undiluted cement paint. In the case of old coatings, an intermediate coat of undiluted paint is required before the final coat, as soon as the applied paint is completely dry. To do this, pour them out on the floor and distribute the color evenly with a Lambskin roll.

Tip: Painting twice increases the durability of the coating. In addition, you should not interrupt the work, but finish painting the floor, as otherwise clear lines will remain visible after drying.

The floor can be walked on again after 24 hours as the cement and floor paint dries quickly. Depending on the manufacturer, it is available in different colors, for example gray, silver gray, beige gray or light gray. The basement floor remains after the treatment long-term resistant, resilient and easy to clean.

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Professional tip: painting the garage floor

When painting the plinth surfaces a square timber as a support for straight lines. Do not use cement and floor paint in garages, as the plasticizers from the rubber tires will dissolve the paintwork. Our instructions for painting the garage floor with garage paint explain which color you need for the garage floor and how you paint it.

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