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Basin mixer with waterfall spout (& the best models)

A small waterfall in the bathroom - that arouses exotic ideas.

Basin fittings, from which the water flows out in the form of a waterfall, are real eye-catchers.

We tell you what is important when buying and introduce you to the most popular models below.


Important points before buying your new waterfall faucet

Basin fittings with a waterfall spout set real visual accents - because they are by no means found in every bathroom.

However, you should also be aware of another special feature of waterfall fittings: they usually cause more splashing water than “normal” water taps.

This is because the water jet is not directed downwards, but rather forward.

So that you don't have to put on dry clothes or wipe the bathroom every time you wash your hands, we recommend the following:

  1. Make sure you have a large enough sink (or make sure you get one).
  2. If you only have a small wash basin, waterfall faucets with a slightly sloping spout may be more advantageous than spouts that are directed “towards you”.

Tip for small washbasins: Close your corner valves completely, open the tap fully and then slowly turn the valves back on.

This allows you to set the maximum range of the exiting water jet and prevent it from overshooting the edge of the washbasin.

So that you can find the right fitting for you straight away and be completely satisfied with it, please also note the following information:

  • All of the models presented below are high-pressure fittings. If you use a hot water tank, you cannot use these models. However, all models are compatible with instantaneous water heaters.
  • None of the models presented has a pull rod to operate a drain fitting. We therefore recommend the use of push-open drain valves.
  • All selected fittings are supplied with everything necessary for quick and easy assembly (hoses, assembly material, instructions, etc.).

The best basin fittings with waterfall spouts in comparison

You now know the general information on what to look out for when buying your new waterfall faucet.

So let's take a look at the most popular basin fittings with a waterfall spout.

Aimadi basin mixer with brushed surface

The Amadi mixer with a brushed surface and high spout

If you are looking for a waterfall faucet that you can also install next to your washbasin, you will usually need a higher water outlet.

In this case, this Aimadi basin mixer may be of interest to you, because with a stand height of 28 cm it offers significantly more space than standard-height washbasin mixers.

But even if you want to mount the mixer on the sink in the normal way using one-hole installation, that is of course not a problem. In this case you have extra space under the water outlet (e.g. for washing your hair).

Another special feature is the surface of this fitting. It is polished and appears in a noble matt instead of the usual high-gloss look.

The very good customer reviews on Amazon confirm both the appealing appearance and the quality of this fitting.

Hansgrohe Axor Massaud at a comfortable height

Hansgrohe Axor Massaud with waterfall spout

The German manufacturer Hansgrohe is already known worldwide for its excellent quality.

Under its luxury brand Axor, the company offers products with an absolutely unique design and in the top price segment.

So if exclusivity is not the top priority for you, then you have come to the right place with this classy model called Massaud.

As can be seen without a doubt at first glance, the design of this fitting is absolutely unique. This timeless elegance makes your bathroom something very special.

Using a joystick control lever, you can easily and intuitively regulate the flow of water, which emerges in the form of a harmonious gush jet.

Of course, the latest hansgrohe technologies are also built into this basin mixer. E.g. EcoSmart, with which you save up to 60% water, or QuickClean, which makes the surface appear permanently in the best shine.

Auralum basin mixer with square spout

This basin mixer by Auralum is also an eye-catcher in terms of design.

The water jet in the form of a waterfall flows out of a 10.8 * 10.8 cm square spout.

Furthermore, the spout is inclined downwards relatively sharply, which is why this fitting is also suitable for rather small washbasins (because of the issue of splashing water discussed above).

The surface of the faucet is chrome-plated for durability and easy cleaning.

The same model is also available with a rectangular glass spout - should you prefer this to the completely chrome-plated model:

Auralum waterfall faucet with glass spout

Apart from the different material of the spout, the two models are otherwise technically practically identical.

Only the dimensions of the glass spout (11.5 * 13.8 cm) differ slightly from the metal version.

As already mentioned at the beginning, all the fittings presented here come without a pull rod and waste set.

However, this model has a hole on the back so you can use one if you want.

Basin mixer with half-open water spout

The half-open spout allows a beautiful view of the water flow

This basin mixer allows a largely unobstructed view of the flowing water.

This is possible because the top of the discharge is mostly left open to the top.

This allows you to admire the harmonious, wide flow of water before it emerges from the normally closed spout (with other fittings).

It should be noted that this is a model that does not have a downward slope of the spout.

So it is best to heed our information at the beginning of the article in order to avoid boozy surprises.

Auralum basin mixer with curved spout

Auralum waterfall faucet with a curved spout

In terms of design, the faucet body is rather angular, which means that the rounded and curved spout creates a visual contrast.

Another advantage of the downward sloping spout is that this Auralum basin mixer is also suitable for rather small washbasins (see notes at the beginning of the article).

The water jet emerges over the entire width of the outlet and is rather flat.

With a discharge height of 10 cm, the dimensions are in the rather low range, which both avoids unnecessary splashing water and still offers enough space for hand washing.

The numerous positive customer reviews show that this fitting has passed the practical test.

Conclusion - which basin mixer with waterfall spout is the right one?

As you can see, we have selected the 5 most popular models for every purpose, optical taste and budget.

Regardless of whether you prefer absolute elegant design from hansgrohe Axor or you want a more affordable alternative.

In the following you can see all the models presented in a direct comparison:

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