Why don't I have Instagram highlights

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If you're active on Instagram, you can't ignore story highlights. What was initially not taken seriously and used by most users as a collection of random images has now become one strategic tool developed. You can add Instagram story highlights targeted for building use your Instagram profile and for your business. In this post, I'll show you exactly how this works.

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Instagram story highlight basics

What are Instagram Story Highlights?

Instagram story highlights are the small round pictures that you can find on your Instagram profile between your bio and your feed. It is a collection of selected images from your story archive. You have the possibility, unlimited Create story highlights. This allows you to clearly process the most important information from your past stories for your account visitors.

How many story highlights are useful?

However, it is Not makes sense to create a lot of highlights. At some point even your biggest fan doesn't feel like clicking through them anymore and your content is lost in the crowd and nobody can understand what is really important now.

It is best to keep the number of your different story highlights below 12 to 15. However, it is sufficient if you only have 4. It all depends on you and on what benefit you want to give to your followers. It's about a good user experience (User experience).

What are the benefits of story highlights on Instagram?

Story highlights can do the different uses Find. You have the possibility, Important Information for your followers at a glance to collect and make available. Depending on what is relevant for your followers or customers, you can create different categories. I have put together some ideas for you below. Which categories could be useful for you depends entirely on your intention and your company.

What should I watch out for?

I have listed a few points for you that will ensure that nothing goes wrong with your highlights and that you create an optimal user experience. 🙂

  • Do not spam: Make sure that you don't put every second story into your highlights, because then it looks more like “spam” and is not useful.
  • Sort out regularly: Clean up your Instagram story highlights and remove images that are no longer up-to-date or relevant. You can also write a reminder in your calendar for this.
  • Use: Think in advance what benefits your highlights should have (e.g. information about your product, exciting learnings from your everyday business life, ...).
  • In a nutshell: The clearer it is, the better. If there are 200 images in a highlight, then you simply lose track of things.
  • To put it clearly: If you use a highlight to inform your followers about a product, for example, then make it clear and formulate it clearly and precisely so that as many W-questions as possible are answered (who, what, how, where, why, when).
  • Name highlights: Use a short word that is completely legible. If your word is too long, it will be abbreviated with “...”, which doesn't look so nice.

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How do i create it?

There are several options. When you've posted a story, click the button there "Highlight" and then choose which highlight you want to add the picture to or you create a new one under "New".

You can also add new highlights to your profile page and edit existing ones.

If you want to include old pictures in your story highlights, then you go to the archive and there at the selected picture "Highlight".

Instagram story highlights cover

You can play with the design of your profile and create a beautiful uniform look create by adding highlights for your Instagram story aesthetic cover create. At best, these correspond to yours - especially when it comes to the colors Branding. I'm going to introduce you to two ways you can create this.

Build with Canva

Canva is a great tool that lets you create a lot of great things even in the free version. Do you type in there in the search bar "Instagram Story Highlight Cover" you will find many beautiful templates. You can also simply insert your own pictures into these templates, so you already have the right format. Canva is very intuitive and easy to use.

Create with Photoshop

If you prefer to use Photoshop to create your cover, then you can do that without any problems. Open a new document that is at least 1,200 x 1,200 pixels.
Now you can let off steam creatively. For example, you can choose a background color and you Icons download that fit your topic, such as a dumbbell for the sport category.

When you have created your cover, simply click on in your story highlight "to edit" "Edit cover picture" → and either choose an image from your highlight or add your created design.

Concrete highlight ideas

As already mentioned, there are so many ways to use your highlights effectively. Think in advance what makes sense for your company and your followers and customers.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • Product Information
  • Team introduction
  • FAQ
  • Q&A
  • counselor
  • Instructions
  • Freebies
  • Events
  • Book tips
  • Something personal
  • Reviews
  • Behind the scenes


As you can see, Instagram story highlights are highlights versatile. You can specifically strengthen your brand and Offer your followers added value. Think carefully beforehand what your intention with your highlights. If you are not quite sure which highlights you want to create, you can also get inspiration from other profiles that have a similar topic to yours. When it comes to creating covers, I highly recommend Canva if you're looking for a simple and free option.

Finally: the most important questions and answers

What are Instagram Story Highlights?
Instagram story highlights are collections of selected images from your story archive, which you can add to your profile.

Where can I find the Instagram story highlights?
You can find the Instagram story highlights on your Instagram profile page between the biography and your feed.

How do I add stories to the Instagram story highlights?
When you have posted a story, click on the “Highlight” button there and then select the highlight to which you want to add the picture or you can create a new one under “New”.

Can I see who viewed my Instagram story highlights?
Only if your story is not older than 48 hours. After that, you can only see how many people have viewed your story.

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