What is a data service

Switch off mobile data - This is how it works with Android and iOS

To prevent a limited volume of data from being used unnecessarily, mobile data can be deactivated on the mobile phone. We show how it works and what you should pay attention to.

With a corresponding tariff, your mobile phone can access the Internet via the mobile data even without WiFi. Access can be deactivated if you want to save costs or if there are problems with the connection.

Disable mobile internet: instructions

If you want to completely deactivate the internet connection, put your mobile phone into flight mode. This will cut all outgoing connections. Access to a WLAN is no longer possible. The Bluetooth function is also deactivated. If you want to continue surfing in the WLAN, you can switch off the mobile data on an Android mobile phone as follows:

  1. Call the Smartphone settings on.
  2. Switch to the Connection settings.
  3. Open the area use of data.
  4. Here you deactivate the option Mobile data connection.

The option can also be found in the quick access bar. Swipe down from the top of the home screen and tap the icon with the up and down arrows. With older Android versions, the option is hidden behind the transmission mast symbol.

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On the iPhone, you can find the option in the settings for the mobile network and in the control center.

Mobile data always activated? That may be the reason

New smartphones offer an “intelligent” network change. If the signal of a connected WLAN is too weak, the mobile phone switches to the mobile data network for a stable internet connection. If you want to control when the mobile phone accesses the mobile internet, this setting can also be deactivated:

  • Android: Go to the WiFi settings. In the section Extended you deactivate the option Switch to mobile data.
  • iPhone: Open the settings for the mobile network. Scroll down and toggle the option WiFi support respectively WLAN Assist out.

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