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What are boxing bandages?
Why boxing bandages?
Why boxing bandages
What are the benefits of boxing bandages?

  • Boxing bandages are traditionally simple gauze bandages that boxers wrap their hands around their hands to stabilize. In the past, these were usually simple cotton bandages as they are still used in medicine today. Today's bandages usually consist of a mixed fabric with a plastic component and they are available in different degrees of elasticity, namely inelastic, semi-elastic and elastic. the natural fiber content mostly consists of cotton or, more recently, of beech or bamboo cellulose, which can absorb significantly more moisture. For easy wrapping, modern boxing bandages have a thumb loop on one end and a Velcro fastener on the other
  • Boxing bandages basically have two functions, on the one hand they are supposed to stabilize the hand in martial arts and protect against injuries caused by, for example, overstretching or compression and, on the other hand, they are supposed to absorb the sweat that inevitably develops during training.Experienced boxers know the strong smell of older boxing gloves and that which has become crumbly through sweat leather
  • It's an iron rule, you don't put on boxing gloves or sandbag gloves without bandages, whether I want to sparring with them, train on my claws or plan a workout on the punching bag, it doesn't matter - safety first!

Boxing bandages How long?
How long should boxing bandages be?

  • Boxing bandages are produced in lengths from 250 cm to approx. 500 cm. The 2.5 m long bandages were previously prescribed as the maximum length in amateur boxing competitions, but now bandages up to 4.5 m in length are also allowed in Olympic boxing
  • the selection of the length depends on several factors, for example if I want to use a glove that is too big for me, I choose the bandages according to the volume to be filled. The selection is also influenced by the wrapping technique, if I wrap around the hand wrap in the classic way, I'm well served with 3.5m length, but if I wrap between my fingers, I can easily wrap 5m away, as is common in Thai boxing.
  • The length of a boxing bandage is always a compromise between the time I am willing to spend when changing diapers and my need for protection. Logically, the longer the bandages, the more stabilizing the hand and wrist


Boxing bandages How tight?

  • When wrapping boxing bandages, it is essential to take into account that the hand swells a little during training. Especially with very elastic bandages, you can quickly wrap too tightly and the hand then dies during training. We therefore always recommend semi-elastic bandages where the risk of constriction is much lower

How to wrap boxing bandages?
How to put on boxing bandages?
How to wash boxing bandages?
How are boxing bandages wrapped?
How do you tie boxing bandages?
How do I tie boxing bandages?
How do you put on boxing bandages?

  • As with many topics in the world, there are also many views and opinions on the wrapping method of boxing bandages, we present the two most common methods to you here:
  • Classic boxer wrapping, this method is mainly used in amateur boxing, where the bandages are wrapped around the hand similar to a wound dressing. Please note that after removing the packaging for the first time, you have to unwind the bandages in order to get to the thumb loop and that you put them on the right way up so that the Velcro also fits at the end. It starts with the thumb and then over the back of the hand
  • MuayThai wrapping, from Thai boxing came the wrapping method of wrapping boxing bandages between the fingers, this is currently becoming more and more popular in amateur boxing and, from our experience, offers great hand protection. With this method, it is important to use longer bandages between 3.5 and 5 m, which can then be easily wrapped between the fingers:

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