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India flights: Lufthansa cancels the Dubai hub, KLM halves the crew layovers

The situation in India remains critical. The number of infections is skyrocketing and the health system threatens to collapse. Some airlines have suspended or limited flights to and from India. To protect the crews, Lufthansa changed the routings and set up a temporary hub in Dubai.

Lufthansa flies to India via Dubai | DXB becomes a temporary hub

On individual days of traffic, up to three Boeing 747-8s flew almost simultaneously from Frankfurt to Dubai. There the crew changed while the passengers had to stay on board. After the new crews had taken over and the jets had been refueled, we went on to India. There the jumbos were "turned around" and started their return journey with new passengers.

The routing from Dubai to India and back was flown by the same crew in order to avoid a rest period on site. The metropolises Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore were served according to this pattern. The flights for tomorrow and the following days have now been canceled, the operation seems to have been temporarily suspended.

KLM has also reacted and is reducing the time the crews spend on site in India. Their layovers there normally take 48 hours, now the crews return after one night. The Dutch carrier serves Delhi and Mumbai as a triangular flight, according to Simple Flying the pilots and flight attendants spend the stop in Mumbai. As soon as they get there, they will be escorted to a nearby hotel and must remain there.

With this measure, an on-site PCR test can be avoided. This carries the risk of a positive test and the resulting 14-day quarantine.

India flights: Lufthansa cancels Dubai hub, KLM halves crew layovers | Frankfurt Flyer Comment

Even if most passengers cannot travel to or from India at the moment due to the strict travel regulations, the flights seem to be significant for most airlines. United even comes with a second crew who will take over immediately for the return flight.

Lufthansa will certainly be feverishly looking for a new solution to be able to resume connections quickly. The transportation of freight is very important right now; goods such as oxygen concentrators and ventilators are urgently needed in India. In India, however, vaccine is also produced, which is expected from other countries.

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