Which objects have a line of symmetry

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Create symmetry groups

To create a symmetry group, you can transform an existing object into a symmetry group or draw objects in symmetry mode. The objects that you convert or draw are called primary objects; the objects created by symmetry are called object copies.

CorelDRAW provides mirror symmetry that allows you to create identical shapes and curves that are mirrored or reflected on a series of planes. In standard symmetry mode, the primary objects are mirrored along a single line of symmetry. If you want to create a more complex design, you can add more lines of symmetry.

A single line of symmetry (left); several lines of symmetry (right)

When you create a symmetry group from scratch, you can begin by setting up the planes of symmetry. You can insert additional symmetry lines to create more object copies. You can also reposition and rotate the symmetry lines by dragging them in the drawing window or by typing values ​​on the property bar. Each symmetry group has a center of symmetry, which is indicated by a circular cursor when the symmetry lines are selected. In the case of symmetries with several lines, the intersection of the symmetry lines forms the center of symmetry. Lines of symmetry are rotated around the center of symmetry. You can move the center of symmetry by dragging it with the mouse pointer, or you can specify its exact position using x and y coordinates.

From left to right: standard symmetry line, adding a symmetry line, rotating the symmetry lines.

For more information on editing symmetry groups, see Editing Symmetry Groups.

To exactly mirror an object that has a calligraphic outline, you must first link the outline width to the object size. To do this, select the object and double-click the icon outline in the lower right corner of the application window and check in the dialog box Outline pen check box Scale with object.

You can also create a symmetry group from an object by right-clicking the object and then clicking Create new symmetry click.

You can create a symmetry group from multiple shapes and curves.


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