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Can you grow queen palms in pots: tips for caring for potted queen palms

By: Mary H. Dyer, recognized horticulturalist

Native to South America, the queen palm is an attractive, stately palm with a smooth, straight trunk and pinnate, arched fronds. Although queen palms are suitable for outdoor growing in USDA Zones 9 through 11, gardeners in cooler climates can grow queen palms indoors. When an indoor palm is grown indoors in a container, it gives the room an elegant, tropical feel. Read on to learn more about growing indoor plants with queen palms.

Container grown queen palm plant tips

Maintaining the queen palm in a container is relatively straightforward as long as you meet the basic needs.

When growing queen palms, make sure that your potted queen palm receives plenty of bright light. However, avoid intense sunlight that can burn the leaves.

Water Queen Palm when the top of the potting soil feels dry. Water slowly until moisture drips through the drainage hole, then drain the pot thoroughly. Never leave Queen Palm in the water.

Fertilize queen palm in pots every four months between spring and summer with a palm fertilizer or an all-purpose slow-release plant food. Do not overfeed, as too much fertilizer can cause leaf tips and edges to turn brown.

To trim the palm of the hand, dead fronds are cut off at their base with sterile scissors or secateurs. It is normal for outer fronds to die as the plant matures, but do not prune the fronds in the center of the canopy and do not remove the leaves until they are brown and brittle. Palms absorb nutrients from old fronds, even if they are burned brown.

Repot a queen palm grown in a container to a slightly larger pot if you notice any signs that it has grown out of its pot, such as: B. Roots growing through the drainage hole or on the surface of the potting soil. If the plant is strongly root-bound, the water will run straight through without being absorbed.

Treat each palm scale with house plant insecticidal soap.

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Queen palm plant used

Mainly used in numerous subtropical and tropical areas, Queen Palm is also a popular choice for urban design. Queen palms look great when wrapped in rope lights during the holiday season.

The fibers and leaves are extracted from the tree to make hats, baskets and more items.

The wood of this tree is hard, heavy and very durable in salt water.

It is used in a variety of construction projects including rustic pillars, footbridges, and running boards for marshy areas.

The trunk is often hollowed out to create water pipes.

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