What is assertiveness in everyday life


A smile is the most beautiful thing you can give your counterpart!

The longing for beauty has accompanied mankind at all times and in all cultures. In this respect, it is by no means a phenomenon of our time. Good-looking people have always been associated with positive qualities. Good teeth stand for success, self-confidence and assertiveness. The "charisma" plays a major role in everyday life. It is not for nothing that they say: "There is no second chance for a first impression!"

For this reason, our patients today demand from us dentists solutions that represent more than the so-called cash register quality. They demand - and rightly so - high-quality, aesthetic solutions that, on the one hand, correspond to the state of the art in terms of quality assurance and, on the other hand, take account of increased aesthetic needs. Our patients want beautiful and healthy teeth that contribute to their well-being and give them security in dealing with other people.

In order to meet these high demands of our patients, professional competence and a lot of experience are required. Only constant training and meticulousness in dealing with the new dental materials, which are very susceptible to processing errors, lead to the desired success. And last but not least, without a good and close cooperation with an experienced dental laboratory, many of the techniques practiced today are illusion.

However, aesthetic dentistry cannot only be related to teeth. The condition of the gums also plays an important role. Because only the perfect interplay between white aesthetics (teeth) and red aesthetics (gums) enables an individually optimal result. For this reason, prophylaxis, i.e. professional prevention of dental and periodontal diseases, is inseparably linked with aesthetic dentistry.

The time factor plays a crucial role in all areas of quality-oriented dentistry. Due to the required use of magnifying glasses and complex work techniques, many work steps take longer than you may be used to. However, time is synonymous with quality! In order to achieve the goal of high-quality dentistry, the dentist and patient must invest this time together!