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Betting provider in Germany with license - German sports betting provider 2021

Are sports betting legal in Germany and which German sports betting providers have a license? All information about the new State Treaty on Gambling!
A long odyssey of the legal framework for sports betting in Germany comes to an end with the entry into force of the new State Treaty on Gaming on July 1, 2021.

But even before this date, namely since October 15, 2020, a transitional regulation has been in place under which sports betting providers receive a German license for sports betting and which should ensure a smooth transition to the new State Treaty on Gaming.

After a few unsuccessful attempts to regulate sports betting nationwide in Germany, everything has been on track since autumn 2020. In the meantime, a large number of well-known and less well-known names in the sports betting industry have already received a license and new German sports betting providers are constantly being added.

In the following table we offer an always up-to-date overview of the bookmakers tested by Bundesliga trend who already have a German betting license.

The top betting providers with a German license


In the following text we address the burning question "Are sports betting legal in Germany", offer an overview of German sports betting providers with a valid license and also go into the main features of the upcoming State Treaty on Gambling and the current legal situation for sports betting. In addition, we provide all the important information about German betting providers who are also represented on the market, as well as about new betting providers who want to gain a foothold in this country and be successful.



All betting providers with a German license (as of May 2021)

A transitional regulation has been in force in Germany since October 15, 2020, which finally paves the way for long-term regulation of the German sports betting market. On July 1, 2021, the parliaments of the federal states agree that the fourth State Treaty on Gaming will come into force. In the transition period, numerous betting providers are looking for a nationwide license in order to ensure a smooth transition to the new State Treaty on gaming.

The sports betting licenses are issued by the Darmstadt Regional Council and included 15 betting providers in a first tranche. Since then, more licenses have been issued continuously, this table provides an up-to-date overview:

  • bet-at-home.com Internet Limited (www.bet-at-home.de)
  • Betago Ltd. (www.betago.de)
  • Betkick Sportwettenservice GmbH (www.betano.de)
  • Betway Limited (www.betway.de)
  • BV (Germany) Ltd. (www.betvictor.de, www.bildsportwetten, www.bild-sportwetten.de, www.bildsportwette.de, www.bild-sportwette.de, www.bildbet.de, www.bild-bet.de)
  • Bwin (Germany) Ltd. (www.bwin.de)
  • Cashpoint (Malta) Limited (www.xtip.de, www.merkur-sports.de)
  • Gamebookers (Germany) Ltd. (www.gamebookers.de, www.bpremium.de, www.partybets.de)
  • Greenvest Betting Limited (https://neobet.de)
  • Hillside (Sports) ENC (www.bet365.de)
  • I.B.C. Sportsbetting Ltd. (www.wettarena.de)
  • IBA Entertainment Limited (www.bet3000.de)
  • Interwetten Gaming Limited (www.interwetten.de)
  • JAXX GmbH (www.sportwetten-jaxx.de)
  • Ladbrokes (Germany) Ltd. (www.ladbrokes.de)
  • NetXBetting Ltd. (www.sportwetten.de)
  • Novo Interactice GmbH (www.admiralbet.de)
  • Oddset Sportwetten GmbH
  • Sportingbet (Germany) Ltd. (www.sportingbet.de)
  • Tipico Co. Ltd. (www.tipico.de)
  • Tipico Frankfurt Ltd. (www.wettenmarkt.de)
  • Tipico Karlsruhe Ltd. (www.original-wetten.de)
  • Tipico Muenchen Ltd. (www.wettbruder.de)
  • Tipin Ltd. (www.tipbet.de, www.tip-in.de)
  • Tipster Limited (www.tipster.de)
  • Tipwin Limited (www.tipwin.de)
  • Trinity BetOperations Limited (www.hpybet.de)
  • Wegame Ltd. (www.betsson.de, www.betsafe.de, www.casinowinner.de, www.guts.de, www.nordicbet.de, www.rizksport.de, www.schnellwetten.de)


Are sports betting legal in Germany?

First of all we want to clarify the most important question. Of course, sports bets can be placed legally in Germany. The betting providers used licenses from other EU countries (especially Malta), which enabled them to offer their online bets in Germany on the basis of the EU directive on the freedom to provide services.

The Darmstadt Regional Council has been awarding licenses for the organization of sports betting since autumn 2020. Currently (as of April 1st, 2021) a total of 28 companies hold such a license (see overview above). 14 of them are also allowed to offer their offer (in stationary betting shops.

Betting providers currently allowed to offer stationary sports betting (as of May 2021):

  • Betago Ltd
  • Cashpoint (Malta) Limited
  • I.B.C. Sportsbetting Ltd.
  • IBA Entertainment Limited
  • Novo Interactice GmbH
  • Oddset Sportwetten GmbH
  • Tipico Co. Ltd. (www.tipico.de)
  • Tipico Frankfurt Ltd. (www.wettenmarkt.de)
  • Tipico Karlsruhe Ltd. (www.original-wetten.de)
  • Tipico Muenchen Ltd. (www.wettbruder.de)
  • Tipin Ltd. (www.tipbet.de, www.tip-in.de)
  • Tipster Limited (www.tipster.de)
  • Tipwin Limited (www.tipwin.de)
  • Trinity BetOperations Limited (www.hpybet.de)

This is the first time that nationwide licenses for online betting will be issued in Germany. So far there have only been "German licenses" from Schleswig-Holstein, which of course were or are only valid for this federal state. There have also been other upheavals in the industry. A particularly drastic one was the introduction of the German betting tax of 5 percent in 2012.

Current legal situation for German sports betting providers (as of May 2021)

A transitional regulation will apply until the new State Treaty on Gaming comes into force on July 1, 2021. With this, betting providers can already apply for a German sports betting license.

This is awarded on behalf of all federal states by the regional council in Darmstadt. There's one there too current list with all bookieswho have a German license are available. These include well-known names such as Bet365, Bet-at-Home, Tipico, Bwin, Bet3000 or Interwetten.

But also “young savages”, who have only been active for a relatively short time, were able to get a permit for online sports betting. Here are especially Neobet, Bildbet or Betano to call.

Such a temporary betting license is in itself the basis for a further license after the entry into force of the new State Treaty on Gaming on July 1, 2021. Accordingly, the bookies are rebuilding their betting program and adapting their offer so that they can meet the requirements of the meet expected regulations.

If you do not apply for a provisional license, this “unreliability” could be interpreted disadvantageously if you apply in the summer of 2021. So it's no wonder that all the big players are already trying to get a license.

In addition, other betting providers offer their betting offer either on the basis of a Schleswig-Holstein license that is still valid or an EU license.


Changes due to the State Treaty on Gambling 2021

The new State Treaty on Gambling is still in the drafting stage and still has to be ratified by all federal states, but some changes are already known that will affect both customers and betting providers. These have not yet been definitively secured, but there are many indications that, for example, some sports will have to disappear from the betting offers or that there will be changes to deposits and withdrawals.

These changes could come with the State Treaty on Gambling:

  • Limitation of eSports bets: Betting on esports, which has recently become increasingly popular, could be a thing of the past in Germany from July 1st. Because for the first time the sports on which betting tips can be submitted are to be defined. The regional council in Darmstadt, which is responsible for issuing the German betting licenses, is guided by the list of sports of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. There are neither esports nor Formula 1, MMA or the very popular social and political bets to be found on this. Bookies who have a German betting license have already made corresponding changes to their betting offer. For most sports tipsters, the effects are likely to be limited, because the majority of sports bets are made on football.
  • Is there a deposit limit? For reasons of player protection, there should be a limitation of the possible deposit amount. A limit of € 1,000 per month is to be introduced. There are currently no limits to this. This will not particularly affect the "normal weather conditions", but high rollers will.
  • Are live bets prohibited? Fears that live betting would be banned completely by the new State Treaty on Gambling will not come true. However, certain types of live bets may fall victim to the changes (such as over / under bets).

What changes are really coming or what effects they will have on sports betting can only be definitively answered in summer, when the new State Treaty on Gambling comes into force.


Other betting providers on the German market

In addition to the betting providers with a nationwide German license, there are of course a large number of other top bookmakers with an extremely serious background who also operate in Germany - either with one EU licence (especially from Malta) or with an in Schleswig-Holstein issued sports betting license. Furthermore, numerous license applications are still in progress ... All of the sports betting providers listed below have been tested by us and definitely offer one to their numerous customers safe, legal playing environment. All of the providers listed below are 100% reputable and offer sports betting in Germany.

The following rating (table) is based on our personal experience with the individual betting providers and merely represents our opinion. Note on bonus amounts: The bonus amounts listed in the table only represent the maximum bonus available! 18+ - Please note the terms and conditions of the new customer bonus offers!

Other betting providers in Germany


Best German sports betting provider

The following betting providers offer you an advantage in terms of communication. The employees are fluent in German and thus provide you with great customer service. This can often be reached via chat, telephone and email. In most cases, you can contact us free of charge. Thus, the player develops a feeling of closeness to the customer. In addition, some of the domestic betting providers are represented with numerous betting shops in Germany. This creates a healthy trust among the numerous customers. After all, not every sports betting provider offers you a local presence.



BildBet is definitely one of the newcomers in sports betting. Launched in December 2020, BildBet is the result of the promising cooperation between the leading German newspaper “Bild” and the well-known British bookmaker Betvictor. In terms of competence, the new sports betting provider is well equipped, which is of course reflected in the areas of betting offer, betting odds, customer support and new customer bonuses. BildBet is definitely worth a visit.


Get to know and test BildBet now



Another giant in the sports betting business is Bwin. The betting provider with Austrian roots has shaped the sports betting market in Germany for many years. In addition to a license in Malta, the company is also listed on the London Stock Exchange as Bwin Holding. In addition to the enormous range of bets and good odds, Bwin also offers the best live betting entertainment! With around 3000 employees and over 5 billion in sales, Bwin is one of the largest in the sports betting industry. Bwin is also active as a sponsor of some clubs. The best known of them are Borussia Dortmund, Union Berlin or the DFB.


Get to know and test Bwin now



The betting provider Bet3000 has been offering sports betting in Germany for several years. The company was founded by Simon Springer and is licensed in Malta. With a large number of betting shops in Germany, Bet3000 is also very active stationary. The betting odds are extremely high at Bet3000, especially for Bundesliga games, the bookmaker often offers the best odds for draws. Accordingly, the betting provider is also very popular in Germany. Premium partner is Bet3000 of the “Kult-Verein” TSV 1860 Munich.


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Especially in German-speaking countries, the betting provider Interwetten is by no means a blank slate. The Bookie, based in Vienna, Austria, and with an official license in Malta, has existed since 1997 and has made a name for itself ever since. The perfect customer service is almost unmatched, which is not only available around the clock and processes all inquiries quickly and competently, but which is of course also available in German, which is especially useful for people who are not fluent in English. is a big plus.

Interwetten not only scores with these framework conditions, but is also 100% adapted to the German-speaking market in terms of the quantity of the betting offer and the quality of the betting odds. So the bookie is fully focused on football betting and particularly impresses with its favorite ratingswhich makes the platform almost perfect, especially for beginners.

To bet on the victories of Bayern, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City or FC Barcelona in Europe's top leagues and receive a significantly higher rate than most other providers? This is exactly what is mostly a reality at Interwetten.


Get to know and test Interwetten now


Merkur Sports

With Merkur Sports, another betting provider enters the big stage of the sports betting world, which has its roots in German-speaking countries. Belonging to the Gauselmann Group, Merkur Sports can now access over 40 years of experience in the gaming sector. In addition to Merkur Sports, the traditional bookmaker Cashpoint (founded in 1996) and XTiP, founded in Austria, complement the offer. Nowadays, Cashpoint has only focused its operational business on the Austrian area and has many stationary betting offices there. Merkur Sports is ready for German customers.


Get to know and test Merkur Sports now



The Austrian betting company Bet-at-home is also one of the established big names in German-speaking countries. The traditional bookmaker, founded in Upper Austria, has been offering online sports betting since 1999 and is now licensed in Malta. With well over 4 million registered “tipsters”, Bet-at-home is likely to be one of the largest providers in the industry after Bet365 and Bwin. Bet-at-home has been wearing the color royal blue since August 2011 and is the exclusive partner of Bundesliga club Schalke 04. The company also sponsors the Austrian clubs Red Bull Salzburg and Austria Wien.


Get to know and test Bet at home now


New betting providers in Germany

The betting market is hotly contested. Time and again, new betting providers are advancing into the German betting market. There are of course better and worse providers. Every now and then there is even a bookie that deserves to be included in our list of the best betting providers in Germany.

Finally bring it new providers also have countless advantages with himself. Many users have already had an account with the best providers and usual suspects and have activated the corresponding welcome bonus. If a new bookie now shows up and scores with the corresponding top odds, it is particularly interesting for frequent players to secure the welcome bonus there as well.

In addition, a new betting provider because of the increasing shift of the betting market to mobile betting, or bets that are placed from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, is usually particularly well positioned here. This means that there is usually an app and the online presence is optimized for mobile access with fast loading times.

According to all these criteria, we always add carefully selected new bookmakers in Germany to our list of the best bookmakers. Bookies that have managed to convince us from zero to one hundred in the recent past include:

  • Betano (has a nationwide, German betting license)
  • Neobet (has a nationwide, German betting license)
  • Leovegas


Popular online sports betting in Germany

Football is and will remain the most popular sport in Germany. Accordingly, it should be clear what is at the top of the top sports betting in this country: Football bets, or primarily Bundesliga bets, of course, since the top German league traditionally attracts most of the fans from Germany interested in sports betting.

Sports betting tips are of course not only placed on König Fußball.Tennis bets are among the bestsellers in the portfolio of online bookies, which is certainly also due to the fact that in the current era around Grand Slam winner Angelique Kerber and world champion Alexander Zverev, for the first time since Steffi Graf and Boris Becker, there are regularly big ones Tournaments are won by German athletes.

Various sports are also available for sports betting in Germany. In this country, betting tips are often placed on basketball, handball or ice hockey, among other things.


Betting on the German Bundesliga

As far as the various betting options for the Bundesliga are concerned, it is not only interesting to bet on the individual matches of a game day. Long-term bets are also extremely popular.

These are, for example, the questions about who becomes Bundesliga champions or who wins the DFB Cup. And if you don't necessarily rely on the usual suspects, but on ambitious outsiders like RB Leipzig, for example, you can make high profits with such long-term bets.

Last but not least, popular Bundesliga bets also include the question of who will be the top scorer in the Bundesliga.


Champions League and Europa League betting

At least four Bundesliga clubs take part in the Champions League every year. At least two other teams in the Europa League. No wonder that Champions League bets and Europa League bets are also extremely popular, as they are the two most important European competitions for club teams.

There are also Champions League odds for each individual game, but also for the question of who will win the overall game. A question that is difficult to answer, at least in the first half of the season with the Europa League odds, since eight “relegated players” from the premier class will enter the second most important competition during the winter break.

For as much weather success as possible, you will also always find exclusive Champions League tips and Europa League tips on our pages.


Betting provider reviews

On our site you will of course not only find a well-founded spot betting provider comparison, but also the corresponding betting provider test reports. Anyone who ultimately entrusts their money to one of the numerous online bookies should get the maximum back for it. Be it about the best possible odds, a particularly fair and lucrative welcome bonus or an attractive quota key.


Experiences with German sports betting providers

In our betting provider test especially for German sports betting providers, three platforms stand out particularly clearly, about which we would like to inform you extensively at the corresponding point on our website. Please read the following subpages:

A bonus comparison is of course particularly exciting for new customers. It should be noted that with most bookies, 100 euros in pure new customer bonuses can be achieved. The question of the best bonus also includes the question of how easy it is to clear it.

It depends largely on your preferences. At Tipico, for example, you only have to play three times within 90 days - but at the minimum odds of 2.00. With Bet at Home, on the other hand, four games are required during this period, for which the minimum quota of 1.70 is set lower. On top of that there is a € 200 bonus (50%) at Bet at Home.

Which betting provider bonus you can unlock more easily depends primarily on whether you prefer to play less often and at higher minimum odds, or whether you tend to play such bets with low odds, but are willing to place more bills.


Comparison of international bookmakers

Of course, you can also use your money for online sports betting with an online bookmaker that is not based in Germany. You can find the best bookmakers in our general overview on this page. At this point we would like to highlight our experience reports on the following bookies:


The offers mentioned may be limited to new customers or may no longer be valid. The terms and conditions of the betting provider apply. Please see the exact details directly on the betting provider's website. All tips are based on the author's personal opinion. There is no guarantee of success. Please bet responsibly. 18+

* All quoted betting odds were valid at the time the article was written. Every betting odds are subject to fluctuations. Please check the current odds with the respective bookmaker!