Which country will the next Ukraine be?

Vitali Klitschko Ukraine: the next comedian in the presidency?

Vitali Klitschko recently won the mayoral election in the Ukrainian capital Kiev for the third time with 50.52 percent of the vote. But the 49-year-old former boxing world champion wants to get to the top. Klitschko apparently dreams of becoming Ukrainian president. Once he was close. During the Maidan Revolution 2013/2014, Klitschko was considered the favorite for the highest office. But his lack of rhetorical talent didn't make him look good. And so Klitschko provided plenty of material for funny memes with sentences like "I met many police officers and demonstrators who died", but Petro Poroshenko became president at the time.

"Olexander, what's your name? "

Vitali Klitschko did not lose sight of his goal. And so the Kiev mayor strove for a long time to appear statesmanlike. In fact, however, he continued to produce slip of the tongue. For some time now, Klitschko has been pursuing a different strategy: He is trying to make political capital out of his weaknesses: He is self-deprecating, humorous and close to the people. Since spring, for example, Klitschko has often been wearing T-shirts with messages like "Quentin Karantino" (an allusion to the Corona lockdown) and showing himself in TikTok videos as a person like you and me. The mayor of Kiev could be seen cutting his own hair during the Corona lockdown in spring. Klitschko started the next stage of his image campaign a few days ago when he presented an illustrated book with his 16 most popular slip of the tongue in Kiev.

"Olexander, what's your name?" Klitschko once asked a listener who had previously introduced himself as Olexander during a radio broadcast. This saying, once made at a public appearance, also enjoys cult status: "I have two deputies, four of whom have been in the office for a month." His phrase "It is time to prepare for earth" is also very popular. Actually, you should prepare for winter. But earth (Zemlya) and winter (Syma) can be confused in Ukrainian. And another Klitschko classic: "To make the cold water warm, it has to be heated." The Klitschko quotes in the book "Whoever doesn't hear it will see it" are illustrated with caricatures. For example, the reader sees the laughing Klitschko with a cell phone or a shovel in his hand.

Teasing against President Zelenskyi

"It's a bright, happy, positive book. I'm someone who can laugh at myself and at good jokes," emphasized the 49-year-old during the book launch. "So not about those Kwartal 95 makes." Kwartal 95 is the former production company of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj, which mainly produces political satirical programs.

The book was financed by Klitschko himself, and 3,000 copies were initially printed. The proceeds will go to a charitable foundation. A second, larger book is already planned.

Kiev's mayor scored points with many Ukrainians with his charm offensive. "A boss with a sense of humor is a rarity in this country," was the tenor of the comments on social networks. However, it is also assumed that the book is the start of a long presidential campaign for the 2024 election. In fact, internally from the Klitschkos camp, one can hear that a candidacy is being considered. In a recent survey of the independent Rating Group On the confidence that Ukrainian politicians enjoy in the country, Klitschko landed in second place, behind the incumbent President Zelenskyi. But that doesn't have to mean much, because other analyzes show that, due to the mixed record of President Zelenskyi, the former comedian, many Ukrainians would rather be more serious than even more comedy. So whether Klitschko's strategy can actually generate more than just short-term sympathy remains to be seen.