Why is cucumber good for your eyes


The biggest misconceptions: cucumber slices smooth the eye area

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It is a common misconception that cucumber slices smooth the area around the eyes. Because green vegetables are powerless against wrinkles. As with many of the anti-aging creams advertised, the desire is often greater than the actual effect. But the cucumber is not entirely useless!

Reduce swelling

Cucumbers cool because they consist of around 90% water, and thus help to reduce swelling more quickly. To do this, place a slice of cucumber on each eye and leave it there for a few minutes. As soon as you notice that the cucumber slices take on the temperature of your skin, you can remove them.

You can repeat this process as often as you like, which is particularly recommended if you generally tend to have dark circles under your eyes. The cooling effect of the water constricts the blood and lymph vessels around the eyes and therefore makes them swell, the area around the eyes appears refreshed.

Do not use frozen cucumber slices

Even with frequent treatment, the cucumber, unlike other herbal substances, does not irritate the eyes. However, please do not use frozen cucumber slices for the treatment, because the excessive cold would burst the fine veins around your eyes!

Moisturizing mask

Mixed with quark, the cucumber is ideal for a moisturizing face mask. To do this, cut about ΒΌ of the cucumber into wafer-thin slices. Then apply the quark generously on your face and then place the prepared cucumber slices over it. After 10 minutes, remove the cucumber slices again and rinse the quark off with lukewarm water.

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