How do I make a photo book

My first CEWE PHOTOBOOK: This is how the perfect design succeeds as a photo book beginner!

A photo book is a very special memory that always goes down well on your own bookshelf and as a gift. But what should you do if you can't see “the photo book for so many pages” during creation? How many pages should I create? How do my photos get into the photo book? And what paper do I need? So the question is, how do I make a CEWE PHOTOBOOK?

Designing a photo book as a beginner raises a lot of questions. We provide assistance and show you how to create your first CEWE PHOTOBOOK and turn it into a showcase copy.

Preparation is everything

Before you start creating your CEWE PHOTOBOOK, it is advisable to make some helpful preparations. This includes a well-stocked photo archive: View your pictures and sort them according to date, occasion, location, people or just those aspects that are important to you. Then go through the sorted images again and mark the ones that might be suitable for your photo book. The preselection helps you to proceed in a more targeted manner. Would you like more tips on photo sorting? Then read more here: Sorting photos: How to find all the treasures in your photo archive.

You can, for example, sort photos with CEWE MYPHOTOS before they are designed.

Our step-by-step guide for photobook beginners

Once you have predefined your photo selection, you can start creating the photo book. It starts when you download our design software, in which you select your desired paper and format. You can also choose a layout and style. Then insert your photos and design your individual photo book page by page. How this works in detail, what tips and tricks there are and how you can Give your photo book an individual touch, read our Step-by-step guide for beginners.

Format, cover and paper quality: it's nice to have a choice

You can choose between portrait and landscape format as well as two square formats for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK. This is where you should be best according to the format of your photos judge.

The available paper grades differ between digital printing, which impresses with its intense colors, and photo paper, which especially highlights details. Both paper qualities are available in a matt as well as a glossy finish. In the end, your own taste decides here. In any case, it is worthwhile to find out more about the topic in order to be able to make a good decision - you can find more information about our paper grades on our website.

At CEWE you have a choice of 6 paper qualities.

Last but not least, there is the question of the cover of the photo book. The options vary depending on the format selected. Our tip: Who is up for one high quality hardcover decides, can even refine it. As you can see, if you want to create a photo book as a beginner, there are important questions to be answered before you even start.

Support for photo book beginners - the CEWE PHOTOBOOK assistant helps

For our customers and especially for those who are new to photo books, we have developed an intelligent assistant that will help you supported in the creation and create breathtaking design proposals on request. This makes it easier for you and you can be sure that your result will give you maximum pleasure. You can find out more about this here: CEWE PHOTOBOOK Assistant: Intelligent software for your design.

The CEWE PHOTOBOOK assistant creates a proposal for your photo book in just a few minutes.

When it’s got to be quick: templates for the CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Anyone who, as a beginner, does not feel like creating big design arias for their first CEWE PHOTOBOOK, or is looking for the right inspiration, should choose one our attractive templates. For you this means: appealing results and lively creative design for your photo book. And that within a few seconds. Sounds exciting? Then read more here: Easier design: templates for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

The templates in CEWE's design software help design the photo book.

Individual design means for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

The great thing about the CEWE photo books is that you can use the full scope for creativity to have. And best of all: our software supports you, as a photobook beginner. For example, you can use our page layouts to structure your photo book well from the beginning and the first page. Learn how to structure pages with layouts in 5 steps.

With page layouts, you can give your CEWE PHOTOBOOK the right structure in just a few steps.

In addition, our styles offer the possibility of individual pages to give a very special design note. Read like you Use styles in 5 steps.

Design the pages of your photo book individually with our styles.

Our many attractive backgrounds are the ideal stage for your personal photos. With this tip we will show you how you can in 5 steps to design with backgrounds.

But what would a photo book be without some notes, anecdotes or individual headings? With our text tool you can position individual texts at any point. In this tip we explain how you can Skillfully use texts and fonts.

Place your own texts in the photo book with the text tool. Tell your unique story.

Last but not least, it is the cover that gives your photo book that special frame. So much the better that you design it creatively and refine effectively can. With gold, rose gold, silver or raised effect lacquer elements on the hardcover cover, your CEWE PHOTOBOOK becomes a real eye-catcher. In this article we are going to show you how to do itdesign the cover finish in 5 steps. Place photos, refine text elements or give the background an elegant effect lacquer finish. Make your very own vision visible.

Optionally, the cover of your CEWE PHOTOBOOK can be given an effect varnish finish.

Software tips: How to get even more out of your pictures

In addition to designing, as a photobook beginner you can use our software Also give your photos the finishing touch. The software offers you many more customization options to get the best out of your images. For example, regulate brightness and contrast. You can find out how to do this here: Adjust brightness and contrast in 5 steps.

Also, crop pictures so that the focus is exactly on the subject that you want to show. More information here: Crop images in 5 steps.

And check the image quality of your photos at lightning speed so that your photos really promise a crystal clear look when printed. How it works? We'll tell you here: Check image quality in 5 steps.

Design mobile: No problem with the CEWE Photo World app

Of course, your individual photo book can also be completely easily design from your smartphone or tablet. With the CEWE Photo World App you have everything you need on the display. The advantages? You already have your photos on your smartphone and don't have to copy or upload them. Cloud services such as CEWE MY PHOTOS can also be used. Interested? Then find out more about all the options: In 5 easy steps to your CEWE PHOTOBOOK via app.

Exciting application examples, tips and inspiration for photo book beginners on YouTube and Co.

Would you like to be inspired a little and see what is possible? Then visit our YouTube channel and discover exciting content relating to the CEWE PHOTOBOOK and our photo products.

Or would you like to get the best result "from the bottom up" and learn from seasoned professionals? Then experience our varied webinars, which take place regularly and effectively take you by the hand with the design - from the comfort of your own home. You can find out when the next dates will take place on our information page for the webinars.

Are you looking forward to getting started with your first photo book? Our tip: Just give yourself a try. Experiment with the wide range of design options. Nothing can go wrong. Because you always have the option to save intermediate results, undo changes and use our assistance in the software to get help. In addition, our customer service team is at your side with advice and practical help with design questions. We hope you enjoy your first CEWE PHOTOBOOK.