What is aloe vera for hair regrowth

Aloe Vera: With this natural insider tip, your hair will grow faster

Aloe Vera: With this natural insider tip, your hair will grow faster

We already know that aloe vera is helpful for our skin. But there is more to the plant's gel: The hair should grow faster and healthier.

If the hair becomes thinner and thinner and only grows to a limited extent, the causes can be different.

The trigger is often related to poor nutrition, stress, hormonal changes and a lack of trace elements (e.g. iron deficiency).

The reactivation of the hair roots can, however, be restarted with the right trick.

As an underrated and natural helper, the aloe vera plant offers the hair the opportunity to regain more strength and vitality.

The aloe vera gel not only helps with its cooling and calming properties, for example. B. against sunburn, it can also be used to intensively treat the skin of the face with moisture.

Let hair grow faster: Aloe Vera as an insider tip

As early as 2009, scientists reported in a specialist magazine, the “Brazilian Journal of Microbiology”, that Aloe Vera is a real all-rounder in hair care.

An intact and well-groomed scalp is crucial for healthy and strong hair growth.

Many people forget that. The antiseptic specialty of the aloe vera gel ensures a healthy skin barrier in everyday life. The tropical plant contains Beta sitosterol, this is a chemical combination.

Beta sitosterol ensures good Blood flow to the scalp and thus stimulates the growth of the hair, supplies the hair with nutrients and frees it from excessive oil.

In addition, the aloe vera gel should also support the Regenerate scalp and thus shedding dead skin.

Further uses of aloe vera in cosmetics

This is how you get the natural gel from the plant

  • What is needed now? A fresh leaf of the aloe vera from the organic market or from your own balcony plant.
  • First of all, the leaf should be washed so that it can be cut in half.
  • Then you begin to scrape the gel off the plant with a spoon.
  • The gel can be easily collected in a practical bowl.

Correct application of the gel

  • The product can now be applied to the cleansed scalp with gentle massage movements.
  • After 30 minutes, it can be rinsed off directly with warm water and an additional moisturizing shampoo.
  • Now you can do your hairstyle as usual.

Aloe vera gel

If you don't want to do the whole procedure yourself, you can also fall back on aloe vera gel and use it very easily.


By the way: Aloe Vera can be found in more and more hair care products. No wonder - aloe vera is a power plant that is particularly gentle and moisturizing. And all without being greasy.

More information about aloe vera as a medicinal plant and its use and effects

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