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Predictive dialer

What is a predictive dialer and what do you need it for?
OurPredictive dialer always makes sense when a call center or a company has a high number of outgoing calls. Previously, the numbers were dialed manually by the employee himself. Of course, this takes time and is therefore not very efficient. Our predictive dialer does this work for the employees!

And not only that
It automatically detects whether an answering machine or fax machine is picking up on the other side and terminates the connection immediately. The same applies if nobody takes the call or the Phone number be invalid. The employee is only automatically put through the call if a participant actually picks up the receiver. ThePredictive dialer knows himself when to dial numbers and thus ensures optimal utilization of the telephone staff. When they have finished a call, they automatically receive the next call after a post-processing time to be defined, which can also be extended by the employees.

Test the system yourself: you will find that ourPredictive dialer achieve an enormous increase in efficiency and thus also a minimization of the costs incurred!

Areas of application for our predictive dialer:

  • When outbound campaign. only occur occasionally and such a dialer on site does not pay off
  • If there is a local dialer on site, with which peak loads cannot be mapped
  • As an inexpensive backup system
  • A cross-location system is required for call centers with various locations
  • For the integration of home offices

Advantages of our predictive dialer:

  • no investment necessary
  • very low technical requirements: a telephone with tone dialing is sufficient!
  • Service, support, maintenance and updates included
  • very fast implementation
  • No minimum contract period
  • Call recording possible
  • Online monitor in real time to control the campaigns