What does advantage mean in tennis

What is a break

The term break

As so often, it comes from English and means something like "to break through". So it means that you managed to win the game despite the opponent's advantage. That means: Without a break you can only win the set in a tie-break (“normal counting of seven points).

Too simple? Or only half "checked"? Further rules and instructions for the break follow….

When playing tennis, the following applies: As a server, you have a clear advantage. You can put pressure on the receiver and it will be easier to decide the game for yourself. The receiver is in a more passive situation, so he can usually "only" react because the first ball comes from the opponent. Depending on the surface (subsurface), the advantage becomes even greater. You are wondering on which den? In the next line the answer.

  • As a server, you have the greatest opportunity to "get through the game" on grass. It is simply the fastest surface - and therefore the reaction time for the receiver is even shorter.
  • You also have a clear advantage on hard courts and carpets. A good server knows that the serve could be decisive here too.
  • Opinions argue only on sand. The ball is usually slowed down a bit by the red sand and therefore slower.

In general, however, success is initiated through safe service games. Would you like some old wisdom? Here she comes. "If you have problems with the serve, then you have problems winning the game"!

And this is exactly where the break starts again. In tennis, a break is the situation in which the receiver decides the game for himself. One break is enough to win a set, for example with the result of 6: 4 if you can win your service games yourself. If it is now 30:40 on the service of player A, then there is a break ball, which means that if player B wins another point, this game has been won. That would give him a clear advantage, depending on the course of the game so far, or he could make up for a deficit.

The breakball is therefore of great importance for the development of the game. Such a situation is also referred to as a “big point”, an important game situation, although the meaning of course depends on the score. If the tennis match has started and the score is 0-0 and 30:40, then this is not as important as when it is 5: 5 and 30:40, simply because you have little time on an actual break to compensate for the arrears. The breakball is always given when you only need one point. From the point of view of the server, this is the case at 0:40, 15:40, 30:40 and also after the debut, when the receiver has won a point and it says "receiver advantage".