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Der Spiegel - We Are Sparkers

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Der Spiegel - Are We Sparkers?


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Der Spiegel - Are We Sparkers?


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The German news magazine COMPETITION
House announcement
Re: title, handball, SPIEGEL BIOGRAPHY

ürzburg, Reutlingen, Ansbach ... Is German-
country now colorful enough? "wrote the AfD boss Frau-

ke Petry after the terrorist acts of the past few days. The

Bavarian CSU Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann calls for
te, the “deportation to crisis areas” should “no power to you” in the future
Be taboo ”. When fear haunts a society, there is
it is always also those who use it for their cause
want. SPIEGEL editor Jörg Schind-
has been familiar for a long time; for his book "Panikmache", that
over the world
Schindler is coming soon, he has been dealing with such questions from tomorrow!
busy. He describes in the cover story of this issue
together with colleagues the consequences of fear in Germany; it is often heated. What will tomorrow's world look like?
ert from the social networks that share terrorism live - and what could it look like?
in what is not terror at all, but false alarm. There was especially a lot of it at Now your imagination is asked: Which invention
Friday before last after an attack in the Munich Olympic shopping center - would be necessary to save life for the people in Zu-
dream that upset the whole city. Is that why we should now make the shopping market better and safer?
avoid centers? Or for fear of an attack no longer with the regional The competition is divided into two
train, but go by car? Schindler: “Those who do that increase their risk, instead of organizing age groups.
to lower it: A car accident is many times more likely. ”Page 12 All children who are in their 3rd to 5th grade can take part.
Class are (8-11 years) or children of the classes
6 to 8 (12-14 years). As a school class you can
You can find people in Iceland
who handle the ball
can (Huh!), word got around
Working group or as a team of an association
chen. And also that there is not only And that’s what it’s about:

good foot, but also good handball What invention does the world still need? The
ler there. One of them trains, for example, a water-saving machine,
German national team and has a concept for avoiding waste or something
made sure that this doesn't just be the completely different one! The best will be awarded
European Championship title, but also as ideas and concepts. Your ideas can be in one
Olympic favorite applies. Dagur Sigurdsson Sigurdsson, Hacke, Eggers in Iceland Film, photo book, in text form or as a presentation
seemed very relaxed when SPIEGEL was introduced. You have to make your inventions
Erik Eggers and editor Detlef Hacke don't build him and his wife in his.
Visited Icelandic homeland - in a hut without electricity, five hours and these are the prices:
the north of Reykjavík. Sigurdsson, who otherwise lives in Berlin, likes this first place in each age group wins
simple life. He was there painting window frames and sanding floorboards 1,500 euros. The second prize winners
and to seek peace before the Olympics when he received a visit from Germany. can work for themselves at "WIRmachenDRUCK"
Hacke can certainly appreciate the charm of the sparse and sanding of the floorboards with a fully reconstructed calendar valued at 300 euros
pull. But not what Sigurdsson and his wife Ingibjörg also have produced. The price for the two third
do: jump into the ice-cold Atlantic water. Hackes view: “This is a sea for placed: three“ Your SPIEGEL ”annual subscriptions each.
Salmon. “For him, that is rather nothing. Page 96 How can I apply?
All information about the competition
and the conditions of participation
On August 13th he will be 90 years old: Fidel Castro,
The topic of the new issue of SPIEGEL BIO-
. He was the creator of the tropical varian
can be found under:
te of socialism, was once considered a hope
September 1, 2016.
ger and has also achieved a lot for Cuba - a fun-
functioning health system, literacy
For the people. The bourgeoisie fell by the wayside
freedom, but maybe they'll come soon.
What is sure to come is more capitalism.
SPIEGEL editors dedicate themselves to Castro's life,
the question of how he has changed his country - and how In cooperation with
his country will probably change in the time after
him. The magazine will be published next Tuesday.

DER SPIEGEL 31/2016 5

Recipes against violence
Title While the profile of the perpetrators from Ansbach,
Munich and Würzburg becomes clearer, seeks
Germany an answer to violence. Is there


Paths, potential gunmen and assassins
stop in time - and arms deals in
To prevent darknet? Pages 12 to 25
Police officers in Munich subway station on July 22nd



The job in hell No desire for Olympia healing for the seriously ill

Bundeswehr planes that do not fly, Brazil When Rio de Janeiro won medicine A Dutch pharmaceutical
Helicopters that did not take off, rifles, received for the Olympics, was considered entrepreneur brokered on the Internet
who are not shooting - the weir - this is the culmination of a success story. Medicines that have not yet been approved. For
procurement is a debacle. For two years, but one week before the opening there is a lot of patients like Miguel (photo) they are
The ex-McKinsey consultant tries to get the country into a deep crisis. A new active ingredient is the last hope. Here-
Katrin Suder, the arms chaos under control Visiting the suspended president of the country, however, makes it difficult to
to get. Page 40 Dilma Rousseff. Page 80 to get hold of such means. Page 106

6 Title picture Montage: DER SPIEGEL; Photos: Getty Images, Mauritius

In this issue

Title sports industry Adidas and Puma

make up of music stars like Kanye West
Security Germany is looking for answers
and Rihanna dependent 72
on the series of violence of the past few days 12
Households The federal states put hundreds
Crime The gunman of Munich
Million euros for civil servants' pensions in
was in psychiatric treatment
questionable companies to 74
and acted with cruel calculation 20
Sustainability A campaign wants to prove


An acquaintance of the Munich perpetrator, a
High school student from Baden-Württemberg, planned that organic products are cheaper than
possibly also a rampage 23
conventionally produced food 76
Islamists How close were the IS connections
the assassins from Ansbach and Würzburg? 24 abroad
Crime Like the gunman with his pistol The Catalans are taking advantage of the power vacuum
in the darknet was able to procure 25 in Madrid / Schöner Wohnen in Fukushima 78
Brazil Shortly before the Olympics Melissa McCarthy
Playing Germany, the country is in crisis 80
Editorial Serene Against Fear and Turkey Erdoğan's hunt for the Gül- She is one of the highest-paying-
Suspicion 8 Movement 86 th Hollywood stars and
Opinion column: The healthy USA Russia intervenes in favor of Donald plays in the new edition of the
Common sense / Seen this way: Michelle Trumps in the election campaign a 90
Hit movie "Ghostbusters", the
Obama has to become president 10 South Africa The many scandals of the president
Jacob Zuma endanger the ANC 92 occupied almost exclusively with women
Cyberattack on Gabriel, Altmaier, Maas and ist - and raving about men-
Seibert? / Maternal pension benefits western women /
Controversial payments to DAK members 28 Exercise. The result: a
Emancipation Alice Schwarzer in SPIEGEL- The Mexican Ortiz on his failed shitstorm on the Internet. Page 120
Talking about the rise of the project, kayaking down Niagara Falls-
Falling down on women and their own childlessness 32 / The renaissance of the GDR


Parties Die Linke Sahra Wagenknecht brings the doping agent Oral-Turinabol in Russia 95
38 Handball Like the Icelandic coach Sigurdsson
Media government spokesman - a job with the German national team revived 96
questionable return ticket 39 Olympia The chief cynic - IOC president
Bundeswehr State Secretary Suder wants the Thomas Bach 99
Felt in armaments procurement Fabian Hambüchen finishes 40 gymnastics over his
Environment A housing association tested battered body before its fourth
Passive houses - with sobering results 45 Olympic Games 100
SPD NRW Prime Minister Kraft
would like more commitment from the Science Association
in the deportation of refugees 46
High tech in the Stone Age / The people
Anti-Semitism Many attacks against are getting bigger and bigger / Comment: Solarflug-
Jews do not find themselves in the police testimony are not the future of aviation 104
Crime Statistics 47
Medicine Medicines not yet approved Fabian Hambüchen
University rectors complain about financial difficulties - the last hope for the seriously ill 106
even though the universities get enough money 48 He goes with the sketchy
History of the provincial farce around the birthday tendon in the shoulder
Capital The questionable role of the medieval emperor Heinrich III. 110
Police in the conflict over the Autonomous House
Internet houses can be used with
Rio de Janeiro, to his
Rigaer Strasse 94 50 fourth Olympic Games.
heat from the waste heat from data centers 112
Gambling provider of lotteries with postal code 13 years of high performance
numbers are pushing into the German market 51 forensics dogs at the crime scene can die
Hindering crime solving 113 sport have the body of the
Turners added: “One
Society culture brutally for a long time. ”Page 100
Everything used to be worse: thick air in the
own home / immortal video cassette 52 British mathematicians reconstruct
500 year old book illumination / publication
A message and its story A man
of a book critical of Islam in
buys a boy six donuts - and puts them
France canceled / Column: Currently 114
thus laying the foundation for a new life 53
Ideas SPIEGEL interview with the
Careers A researcher finds a promising
Belgian historian David Van Reybrouck
full remedy against viruses, but fails
on the crisis of democracy 116
the rules of the game in research 54
Hollywood feminist cinema
Big Data What is happening around the world
Remake of the "Ghostbusters" classic
in the network for a minute? 58
from the 1980s 120
Leading culture column 60

Essay The psychologist Martin Altmeyer

about terrorists and gunmen 122
Economy Literature The love letters of the Hamburger
Oettinger wanted a fine for cult writer Hubert Fichte 128
Portugal and Spain / Karstadt buys show criticism like Republicans and Democrats Alice Schwarzer
Online fashion discounter 62 in the US chose their candidates 131
Monetary policy The ECB steers Europe in It is controversial, but always
a new planned economy 64 bestsellers 125 still important in feminism.
Lufthansa Why the airline is dating Does it believe the world is better
Imprint, reader service 132
Asia will withdraw 67 will when women rule?
Obituaries 133
Brexit Banker David Marsh on the No, she says in SPIEGEL-
Chances of leaving the EU Personal details 134
and extra sausages for Great Britain 68 letters 136 conversation. "I've never had
Lobbying How rail board member Ronald Pofalla concave mirror / rearview mirror 138 created the illusion that women
undermined a law that would make the world fairer or morally
Restricting the power of the group should 70 guide for informants: make lischer. ”Page 32

DER SPIEGEL 31/2016 7

The German news magazine


In the German summer
The fight against terror is not a war, but it is a great challenge for the state.

t was a message that went down too quickly. The social-liberal coalition under Helmut Schmidt re
in the nightmare of the last few days: on Wednesday hunted acted hard. They tightened laws, restricted them
a suicide bomber of the "Islamic State" rights of lawyers and suspects, led the Ras-
(IS) tracked down a truck full of explosives in Kamishli. The republic became a different one.
the air, the de facto capital of the Kurdish part So far will Angela Merkel's government in this one
of Syria. Dozens of people died, much more than Deutsche Sommer doesn't have to do, either. Ge
a hundred were injured. Almost all of them were probably relaxed - under the heading "Pure Reason"
Muslims. Nobody fights so resolutely against ISIS, did the British “Economist” praise the serenity of Germany
like Muslims, nobody makes so many sacrifices. ting. The country has not been taught by “dark history
That is why the Kamischli attack helps to overreact perspectives ”.
straighten up. Because who the terrible news, in any case, this applies to the Chancellor. On Thursday
reads from Germany and France, can think, isla- Merkel announced a nine-point plan in Berlin.
mistic fighters would have a major offensive against terrorism, measured and compiled from already
Started west. And some believe that Muslims are familiar with or have decided on elements. The security
nerell would be a danger. authorities should have more people
The right-wing populists get in and do better with them
Europe is fueling this process by foreign secret services
thought: “Vote every single migrant. A new authority
represents a risk of terrorism, "said the Internet communications
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. monitor tion, a register
The Dutch Islamhas- aims to record who enters or leaves
Ser Geert Wilders thanked travels. The European weapons
cynical with Angela Merkel “for the law should be tightened.
Let in these terrorists ”. But the attacks follow
It was also at least unwise not to let ISIS return to
that the French President renden pattern. The assassinations
François Hollande took his word from Paris, in January and November
of the "war" repeated in November 2015, as well as the arrival
whose country was now attacking the airport of
de. Because Brussels wants such sentences in March of this year
Hear the Islamists say they want to have been organized. There were ter-

a war on an equal footing. office cells, agreements, international

That is why they call their group connections. traces
pe “state” and its terrorists. Good for investigators, good for
"Soldiers". the nine-point plan.
They see themselves as an elite in one - Germany should have more
Dare to venture into an apocalyptic end-time state, because it has to
the fight of the Muslims against the crusaders - the myth protect the citizens as best it can, otherwise it will give itself up
lured some fighters under the black flag. But on. Only: Against the so-called lone wolves, one
this is not a war. The people in Ansbach or Würzzeltäter, then, rarely help. Those who have been so far
castle, in Nice or near Rouen are not crusaders either. know, are aware of the dark fascination of IS ideology
And IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is not Saladin, fieldwork, propaganda, the cult of death, the irrational.
lord of the muslim armies but a terrorist who must try to reach them early before it does so
has recognized how efficient attacks are, especially free society.
destabilize societies. Especially helpers who look after refugee minors
Attacks stir up fear and distrust. They divide, care in Germany, complain: It took more
they weaken the center, strengthen the edges. In times of caregivers, social workers, psychotherapists, more
By elections, right-wing parties can race for ugliness. Young men from war zones would
gain the most radical answers. pushed around, from one home to the next, with uncertainty
A somewhat similar situation already existed in my stomach without a perspective in mind.
times in history, 1977 in the so-called German And even if their situation were to improve,
Autumn. The Red Army faction murdered, the republic must be clear to everyone: Angela Merkel will hardly be any different
came to the brink of a state of emergency, which is far more than Helmut Schmidt once did. His government
Germans called for the introduction of the death-stricken laws, but the terrorists still bombed
punishment. further. Clemens Höges

8 DER SPIEGEL 31/2016


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Markus Feldenkirchen Common sense

Among garden gnomes
The AfD is apparently fighting a right-wing extremist
own admission of the AfD was - which is not a very good Ar- Michelle
for the receipt
the "cultural nation"
The argument is to vote for the AfD. The AfD boss
from Saxony-Anhalt, André Poggenburg,
for President!
Germany. To the explained, however, who is responsible- seen in this way the best
The culture of a country was: “German deluded Gutmen election for the White House occurs
But not only counts - you are complicit, ”he tweeted. unfortunately not on.
the reference to the "Our disgust for Merkler and left-wing
old "poets and den- idiots share responsibility." It is an election campaign of the
ker ". Dealing with one- without clarity in the language, the knowing- displeasure also counts. On the one
at the. The political discourse. The grade already the band Element of Crime, is a side of the self-promoter
of civilization. man just a garden gnome. That it was Donald Trump, his victory
There are no Merkler at all to the cultureless features of the human being and behind left the world is a big step
it is part of abusing death and tragedy, if no excuse would advance in direction
to show that you were right. then at least one comma heard is in the abyss. On the other
At the latest since the most recent assassinations, the former side has been forgiving of the content of the tweet
sen that this property is under poli- tical, but shows that the only constant First Lady, Senator and Au-
AfD is particularly pronounced - in the posts of AfD officials and Foreign Minister Hillary Clinton,
and with Horst Seehofer, of course, who, her followers in addition to a distinctly - a serene routineist,
if he weren't already head of the CSU, then xenophobia is a pronounced one for which, above all, speaks not
would make a great AfD boss. Seehofer is disinterested in German grammar. To be Trump, not a madman
changed after the terrorist acts anyway- The alternative for Germany that loud and - highly historic! - the
going firmly: “We have in all our pro-program against“ a disfigurement of the first woman at the top of the
Prophecies get right. “German language” is fighting, USA seems too. Doesn't that sound enthusiastic?
Even more embarrassing than the abuse of alternative punctuation for Well. It's just reasonable.
Strive for death and tragedies for their own right Germany. At the party conference of the
Haberdashery is only when you're not even at it I'm not sure if the cultural democrats made the current one
is right. “Terror is back. When nation Germany at the AfD in good First Lady Michelle Obama
makes Ms. Merkel finally the limits of her hands. Our great poet and a remarkable one
tight? ", tweeted the Saxon AfD, in short thinkers would have their problem with speech anyway, what it is about
after nine people met in Munich, Petry and Poggenburg. The great thinker of this choice. Not about
were shot. And party leader Petry Arthur Schopenhauer knew: which side wins. Rather
knew immediately what consequence to “The cheapest kind of pride is the nationality - about whom one the future
pull: "#afdwahl", was her pride. Because he betrays by entrusting our children
Hashtag to a photo from the crime scene. The lack of individual egg-like adhered to it? Good question.
it seemed as if something had finally happened that he could be proud of. "Now, quite practical:
the AfD had been waiting eagerly. If we go out tomorrow
In the meantime, however, we know that the At- Jakob Augstein write at this point, wanted and need someone-
Munich's perpetrator is not an Islamist, but alternates between Jan Fleischhauer and Markus Feldenkirchen. ten, the offspring
watch out who would we
call? Trump? We are
not crazy. Clinton? Can
Kittihawk who ever have kids?
They could sleep if
with her constantly the cell phone
rings because she is urgent and
sharply with hers
Lawyers to confer?
If only Michelle
Obama had time! Then
we don't have to worry
do, at most the one
that the little ones don't
wanted more away from this
fabulous, wise hearted
and fundamentally sympathetic
Mrs. Unfortunately, she does not strive
Office. We will the
next years probably himself
have to be careful
our children. Stefan Kuzmany

10 DER SPIEGEL 31/2016

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