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Alpstein, Mythen and Central Switzerland
A varied hike with the best view

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    Heinz Staffelbach

This four and a half hour hiking trail leads from Morgenholz through the Niederurner Valley, which separates the daringly rising rock faces of the Alps from the Swiss plateau. The highlight of the hike, however, is the view.

Morgenholz, Muosalp and Flüebödeli. What sounds like a little-known hike, should nevertheless be carefully threaded, because at least on nice weekend days the cable car that goes up from Niederurnen to the starting point is well occupied - and the cabin is small. But the railroaders make every effort to get the hikers up as quickly as possible. The nine-minute drive leaves hardly any time to make out Oberwindegg Castle on the cliff above the valley floor and the largest vineyard in the canton on the slopes below the castle.

At the northernmost edge of the Alps

The starting point is Morgenholz, and if you need a coffee after a long journey, you're in luck: the Hirzli restaurant with a large terrace and delicious Glarus sweets is just a kilometer away on the wayside. It will be the last stop on the route - from now on only the backpack counts.

At the wayside

Potent beauty

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The first two hours or so it goes up through the Niederurner Valley, with daring rock faces on the left. They belong to the Chöpfberg-Wageten chain and consist of limestone, limestone phyllites and marl rocks. In the Mesozoic era, these were deposited on the edge of the European continental plate and the adjacent deeper area of ​​the ancient Mediterranean Sea. Tectonically, they are the northernmost edge of the Alps in this region; the mountain ranges on the right side of the Niederurner valley no longer belong to the Alps, the geologists already count their molasse rocks to the Swiss plateau.

The knoll without a name

Even if you have to calculate around two hours to reach the highest point of the hike - this hilltop has no name and has to be content with the altitude indication “1520 m”.

But the reward for the sweat is the view: in the northeast to the whole of Alpstein and in the west towards Mythen and Central Switzerland. At the highest point there are a few very short climbing spots to overcome. For experienced mountain hikers they are not even worth mentioning, for everyone else I have noted the difficulty level T2 to T3 as a precaution. The descent on the west side, high above the Trepsental and finally into the Wägital, leads through boggy meadows, pastures and forests.



Via Muosalp, point 1520, Gelbberg and Port to Vorderthal, Flühbödeli. 13.9 km, 640 m ascent, 1000 m descent, approx. 4½ hours, difficulty T2 – T3.


Bodenberg, Flüebödeli


1: 25000, sheet 1133; 1: 50000, sheet 236