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These 17 tips have helped people get less messy

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Goodbye chaos, it was exhausting with you!

We all have a little bit of chaos in our lives. Therefore, the good people of the internet have gathered in this Reddit thread to collect the best tips for more order and structure in everyday life. Some of them are so simple that I am a little annoyed not having thought of them myself.

^^ You before you got these tips. But not longer!

1. "If it takes less than a minute, do it now."


2. "I reward myself for completing a task."

“Suppose I want to have a coffee before work. I first take my vitamins and prepare my lunch, then I make my coffee. ”- cousin_geri

3. "Instead of writing down to-dos, it is better to keep a list of what you actually did during the day (no matter how unimportant it may seem to you)." © Sharpie

“Thinking into the future is exhausting. This way you can see more easily what you've already achieved and encourage yourself to remain responsible. ”—Peak_early

4. "Set an alarm clock for about an hour or a half before bed."

“Get ready for bed and prepare for the next day. For example, I take my clothes off, prepare my food and pack my bag. ”- GonnaMakeAList

5. “Develop daily habits and they will become more and more with time. Start with a habit that will improve your daily routine the most. "

“I've made it a daily habit to keep a calendar. It all started in 5th grade when it was required. During the first year at university, I noticed that I really got into a skid without it.

I then set an alarm during the day just to remind myself to check my calendar. At the moment I'm working on reminding myself to take another look in the evening to see if there are phone calls after work or other tasks that I shouldn't forget. "

- teydlin-coe

6. "Try out the OHIO principle ('Only handle it once'): only pick it up once." © Getty Images

"Dirty dishes? Rinse it off briefly and then put it in the dishwasher. Is the dishwasher full? Turn it on as soon as the last dishes are in. Post? Bring unwanted flyers and brochures straight from the mailbox to the paper bin. Something like that takes up less space in the brain - because you have to remember less! "

- believethescience and mossberbb

7. "The most important thing I'm focusing on right now is the concept of 'containers'."

"Your dresser? This is a container for your clothes. If your dresser is too full, you have to get rid of some of your things until everything fits in the container. ”- BoringMcWindbag

8. "Many will recommend lists, but that is only half the answer."

“You need structure. Tasks belong on lists. But you should, for example, pull out your cleaning list every Tuesday at cleaning time and then do what is on the list with the bills every Thursday at the payment time, where you pay. ”- RedReaderMan

9. "Choosing the clothes the night before helped me get started in the morning." © Paramount

“Now I'm going one step further. On Sundays I think about which clothes I want to wear during the week and hang them in a specific place in the closet - in the order in which I want to wear them.

I only need a few minutes for this once a week and don't have to think about my outfit in the morning when I just want to finish and leave the house. "

- gt0163c

10. “Being accountable to the outside world and having to meet deadlines are my favorite tips. I've invited a friend over for dinner ... and oh crap - I'd better clean my room before the visitor comes! "

- ohhhokthen

11. "Think about your reasons for doing something."

“You know you should clean your room, but why should it be clean? Because it's more comfortable to be in a clean room? Is it because you're ashamed of the mess? Because you can't find anything

It's easier to get a task done when you have a clear reason to do it. In addition, there are a few tasks that are a burden for you, and for which you actually see no need. You can then let go of this worry. "

- ohhhokthen

12. “I like to watch programs like Hoarders or Tidying Up with Marie Kondo as a motivation when I have to clean up. When I see such disgusting stuff, it makes me clean like there's no tomorrow. " © Netflix

- pip1022

13. “Start writing down what you do every hour, and then every minute. Once you realize how much time you spend doing certain things, things will get better. "

- albert_0619

14. “Make something of your bad habits. Do you have a huge pile of stuff on your front door where you keep the keys? Put the stuff in a container, bang boom: Ordered! "

- FloobLord

15. “Set aside two hours each month to review the next month's finances. Income, expenses, due dates, paydays, that sort of thing. And don't forget groceries and, if necessary, gasoline! " © Disney

- weaslelou

16. Keep a to-do list that includes nice things to do. I said something like 'play this video game' or 'read a chapter in this book'. It feels less overwhelming when it's not just work on the list. "

- drewberryblueberry

17. “Develop a good habit at a time. If you try to get your whole life under control at once, you will burn out. Extinguish one fire at a time. "

- pm_me_your_molars

Do you have any practical tips for all walks of life that will help you stay organized? Tell us about it in the comments!

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