Why do students play in school

Digital games in school

Many adults, parents and teachers alike will react to the statement “Digital games also belong in the classroom” with a shake of the head and comment that children and young people already occupy themselves enough with digital games in their free time. At least in school you should learn something sensible.

For many adolescents, digital play worlds are an integral part of their living environment and leisure activities. Precisely for this reason, a multi-layered and critical discussion and guided reflection on the topic should also be part of the class. In school, it is not only important to introduce adolescents to learning scenarios and to impart factual knowledge to them at school, but also to take into account the learner's world and to incorporate it into school and educational contexts. The school does not have to become an arcade right away, it does not have to give up teaching content in order to be attractive to students.

Making digital games a topic in the classroom is a necessary prerequisite for e.g. B. to be able to act pedagogically on problematic gaming behavior. The concern of some teachers about not being able to have a say in the topic of digital games can be quickly dispelled, as they can counter the gaming experiences of the students with general assessment skills and reflection strategies, but also with far more established moral and value concepts. Exactly those points that players usually do not (have to) grapple with while playing.

Digital games in the classroom mean taking on a challenge and demanding different skills from yourself and your students. Here new levels can be reached and a worthwhile insight into the world of adolescents can be gained.

Playing is fun! Try to actively use this in school!

In addition to suggestions and basic information on the subject of “digital games in the classroom”, specific concepts and teaching units are presented here that have already proven themselves in practice and are intended to be imitated.

DVD "Digital Game Worlds - Computer and Video Games as a Lesson Topic"

The DVD “Digital Game Worlds” is intended to support teachers in integrating the subject of computer and video games into their lessons. Didactically prepared background information and selected teaching methods and modules are intended to enable pupils to use computer and video games in a competent, reflective and socially responsible manner.

The flexibly designed teaching modules enable interdisciplinary use in German, mathematics or history lessons and are aimed at students aged 15 and over. For more in-depth work, the LPR Hessen also offers appropriate teacher training courses in Hessen together with the Hessian Ministry of Culture.

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