Can hypnosis solve my relationship problems

At the top of the happiness scale?

Those who live in a happy and intact relationship are healthier and are better equipped for all small and big challenges of everyday life. The desire for a functioning togetherness - and a sexual life of the same kind - is deeply rooted in us. Nevertheless, many relationships are unhappy - and even in bed it doesn't always work out the way both partners would like it. Why doesn't every partnership result in a sea of ​​joy?

The egg is hard!

The key to a harmonious partnership usually lies in functioning communication between the two parties involved. Several factors play a role here. On the one hand, BOTH sides must be able and willing to communicate, on the other hand, BOTH sides must be able to and want to listen well - in such a way that BOTH sides, like a sender and a recipient, are able to convey the message of what is said or what Classify what you've heard correctly.

Only in this way can two people “get along well” in the truest sense of the word. Quite a few misunderstandings stem from the fact that partners simply talk past each other, although they are not aware of it.

Loriot's wonderful sketch "The Egg is Hard", in which a couple talks completely past each other, shows this sender-receiver problem in a humorous way: a husband asks his wife quite neutrally, without wanting to criticize her, why the breakfast egg is hard and how long it cooked. His wife immediately feels attacked and sees her cooking skills in question.

Dissatisfied on the sidelines

Since good communication is the basis for a happy and satisfied partnership, couples who communicate openly with one another can solve problems in a more goal-oriented manner and, as a result, deal much better with stressful situations. That makes both happier and more balanced.

Apparently, however, many people have forgotten how to communicate consciously and correctly, which means that they can easily sideline themselves and their relationships. They drift apart unnoticed or reach a dead end that no longer allows any further development. Unfortunately, the communication difficulties often lead to general dissatisfaction with the partner or sexual problems.

Who's to blame?

Nobody likes to admit to being the cause of a problem. The reasons for friction points in the partnership are therefore often sought in the other person - and, for their own satisfaction, they are supposedly found there. So we can feel "comfortable" as a victim, see our partner as a culprit and refrain from having to change ourselves.

However, the source of dissatisfaction very rarely actually lies with the partner. So unless he's grooming his toenails at the breakfast table, the real problem is most likely in his own past. Feelings that could not be lived before now pave their way through the partner as a trigger and emerge in the relationship as unpleasant emotions.

Sexuality and communication in a couple relationship

Physical love is an important part of an intact relationship between two people. Sexuality not only creates a wonderful physical connection, it also builds a mental bridge.

To put it in a nutshell: if communication works, it also works under the covers. Conversely, sexual difficulties (such as orgasm problems or premature ejaculation) can become a stress test in the relationship.

Overcome Limits!

Unfortunately, partnership problems can also lead to a disturbed sex life. Sexual disorders and the associated effects are often simply taken for granted. If physical causes can be ruled out and fruitful communication is everyday life in the relationship, it is mostly due to deeper psychological and emotional problems that originate from the past and have nothing to do with the partner.

Often fears, blockages and previous experiences lead to difficulties in the couple relationship and thus also in sexuality. This is where hypnosis can help to overcome unconscious boundaries - so that you can look forward to making love with your partner again.

Hypnotherapy - Help for a liberating partnership

If you are ready for change and want to get rid of unnecessary worries, negative emotions, or barriers, consider hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can have a liberating effect on mental blocks, communication difficulties, sexual inhibitions, insecurities, and complaints in sexual intercourse with the partner.

Hypnotherapy supports you in changing your thinking, your emotions and your entire behavior for the better. Get started today and look at your relationship problems from a new perspective! Learn to control yourself consciously and actively without having to feel like a victim of external circumstances.