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Silicon Valley interns earn up to $ 7,000 a month

You can earn up to $ 7,012 as an intern in Silicon Valley: that's how much the software company Palantir pays young talents who get a taste of the company. This makes Palantir the best-paying company, but does not stand out from the competition: The large IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple or Facebook also pay well over $ 5,500 a month. This is the result of an analysis of the careers website Glassdoor.

Companies well rated

A total of 19 companies from the IT sector are among the 25 best companies that pay for internships. The statistic was calculated from self-statements of interns, who can anonymously rate their employers on Glassdoor. The companies also performed well apart from the monetary compensation: According to a trainee, so-called interns on Twitter should be able to express their opinion on practically all of the company's decisions. About Palantir: "Working there means having a real mission. Few are here just for the money."

All-round package

Apple is also generally considered a good employer for interns: They reported on Quora that as an intern you have "real influence on the products" and that your own opinion is valued. The group from Cupertino provides an all-round package, offering affordable housing, trips to San Francisco and other leisure opportunities. Apple likes to employ international applicants for internships, even if their English is not perfect.

Competition for talent

The main reason for the high salaries of interns could be the competition for young talents: The often several months' stay means that they are bound to the company and can be more easily recruited later, according to meedia. At the same time, the high cost of living in Silicon Valley means higher incomes overall in the IT industry. This, in turn, is at the expense of the long-established population who are not employed by technology groups.

Often unpaid in this country

Austrian interns can only dream of such salaries: A study published last year reported that interns are often paid below the marginal earnings threshold for their work. Many companies only advertise voluntary work, in which often only "pocket money" or nothing at all is paid. (fsc,, 6.3.2014)