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Essential characteristics of addictive behavior

Not all addictsdemonstrate All symptoms and the behavior described below is often the result of a long process, which can usually take place in many small steps, so that it is difficult for those affected to understand that they are progressively adapting their behavior to their addiction and thus changing their personality. The gradual change makes it difficult to perceive the process. The addiction action is usually aimed at improving the current state of experience. Ingesting a substance is just one of many ways to do this.


The addict exerts a targeted influence on his mental experience. He does this, however, not through adequate and realistic action from the point of view of society, which often consists of many individual steps, but through the execution of the addictive act. The resulting positive experience should be the direct result of this manipulation. Loss of freedom and renunciation of freedom, based on the naive concept of freedom, can be further characteristics of addictive developments. The loss of freedom begins as a loss of freedom of thought.


Is performing the addictive act Made impossible by material, spiritual, or other circumstances, the addict's thinking is narrowed to the satisfaction of the addiction. For many addicts, the satisfaction of the addiction must be immediate as possible. The past and future often lose their meaningful influence on the present. Future planning is often increasingly reduced to the organization of addiction. In many cases, the addict's outlook on life becomes overwhelmingly moment-centered. Inappropriate dominance of the present is therefore another characteristic of addictive behavior.




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