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Java Hosting Features and Functions


A JAVA hosting has nothing to do with the well-known programming language, which is based on codes, modules and templates developed for the dynamic creation of content.


There are many platforms that offer good hosting services for normal websites and bad servers as you can read here. However, when we talk about designs in Java the options are few and there are solutions for that.


A Java hosting company takes care of this as it has its own specific configurations for website programmers who use this type of language for their work.

We will see the servers that offer the possibility to host your website in special JAVA hosting if you are a programmer.


Meaning of Java hosting


A JAVA hosting is a computer designed to run and run programs or services that we use for various purposes, and that programs can use through it and from a desktop PC. In this way, you can access the result, thus reducing the time and consumption of your system resources.


This type of server is not recommended for all websites because their codes are different from what is typically used by different programmers.


You should know that there are not many companies currently offering this service, but rather those with very advanced technologies.

Companies offer web hosting with JAVA hosting with a fully dedicated virtual machine that allows customers to use a dedicated server for a shared hosting price.


Who uses Java applications?


Java has always been one of the most popular languages ​​as any application built using this language can run in almost any environment and platform.


With the advent of new languages, Java is believed to have lost power in the market, but the truth is that many of the big companies like Twitter or Netflix still turn to them for their most important projects.


VPS or Dedicated Hosting?


Currently, there are very few or no hosting providers offering the option of using shared hosting for Java applications. This is because they cannot guarantee the client the flexibility that is required when programming in that language.


For this reason, it is recommended to use VPS or dedicated servers. However, this is expensive. There are companies that offer dedicated servers for a common hosting price.





What does Java hosting offer?


If you are a programmer and need a special server for your web, you can install the desired application server with the JDK version.


Java Development Kit (JDK) is software for creating Java programs. It can be installed on a local computer or on a network drive where you can distribute the tools across multiple computers and work as a single application.


Organizations have their own control panel where you can see how application server installation works and how an application is deployed.


JAVA hosting plans include:

  • SSL

  • MySQL database with much higher odds than the competition

  • RAM volume far superior to the competition

  • Domain .com or. Is free.


Java hosting features


When it comes to hosting a website, there are several options and providers to choose from. This offer is drastically reduced if you are looking for application hosting.


The main solutions you will find are:

  • A dedicated server with all the associated costs.

  • A VPS, a machine in the cloud, valid solutions, but not that cheap if we're looking

  • a minimum of resources for our application (RAM / CORES & amp; CPU).


For JAVA applications there has been an alternative in the hosting area for years.


With JAVA hosting platforms, you have a dedicated application server at a common hosting price, meaning that each hosting has a fully dedicated application server.


In this way, the programmer can completely customize the server environment as there are no restrictions or limitations.


Most companies have their own control panel. In this way, the client can install and configure the application server with just a few clicks and choose between the main application servers.


Another benefit is the amount of dedicated RAM on each hosting plan and the soft limit configuration that limits resources.


This means that if the application consumes more RAM in time, the service will not be interrupted as the system would absorb this peak load to ensure that the application is not affected.


JAVA hosting platforms have 128 GB of RAM, which guarantees the availability of resources at all times in the event of a peak load.


Companies have technical staff who specialize in JAVA, with whom the customer always receives the personal attention of a JAVA programmer, who can help you both with the provision of the application if necessary and with the adaptation of the server itself.







If you are looking for a new project you may need to hire a Java host. The truth is, if you've never implemented an application of this type in production and have therefore never explored this possibility. It's not a very widespread infrastructure and not many providers offer this service.


And what most companies that have Java hosting offer is from one extreme to the other: renting a dedicated server (which is a huge technical and economic effort) or settling for a VPS with very limited resources.


You can also customize the virtual machine to your liking and install the desired application server (Glassfish, WildFly, Payara, Tomcat) with the JDK version that best suits us (Oracle or OpenJDK). This is another important requirement to host your project.


These two characteristics are common to all plans. What varies from one to the other is the number of contracted resources: storage space, RAM size, number of databases, monthly transfer.


It is possible that the lowest plan already works for you, but given the price of the intermediate plan, you can opt for more RAM, more storage, and unlimited traffic.


How can you make up your mind so quickly?


Well, there is actually a previous search and comparison process between different providers. If within the company's website you are not convinced of the service in the first 30 days, request a refund and the fee will be refunded.


In this way you can check that the control panel itself has an intuitive and fast user interface and allows comfortable management of the accommodation. The option to choose / change which application server and JDK version you want to install is delightfully simple.


It's time to deploy the application. There are two options: upload it via the control panel or via FTP. In either case, the server will recognize that a new application has been uploaded and it will be provisioned automatically. At this point there is little more to tell, very simple!


You would just have to configure the server's mapping, one of the steps that usually causes the most headaches. With just a few clicks, however, the control panel detects the application deployment path and lets you configure the public path through which it is accessed.




If you are just thinking of setting up a website with WordPress, you may not need it and you can go for cheap hosting, although many companies offer WordPress plans. However, if you want to work with something more complex, you should go with JAVA hosting.

If you're a programmer, JAVA hosting can do a lot of work for you. If you also have a provider that makes it easy for you with one click, what else are you going to ask for?


You might think that this amazement about this hosting was largely caused by inexperience in the field of Java hosting, but let's point out something: it's true that you can never rent Java hosting before, you can rent it for dozens of contracts and configured with dedicated servers, shared hosting and VPS you can feel the feeling of simplicity and speed with Java hosting.