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Lifehouse - Out Of The Wasteland

Sometimes you have to split up to find each other again: The Malibu, California based band Lifehouse is a prime example of this wisdom. After Lifehouse's last album “Almeria” from 2012 was not really well received by fans and critics because of the indecisive mixture of “solid rock and overproduced chart pop” (review quote), the band around singer, songwriter and guitarist Jason Wade decided for the time being to go their separate ways.

The members pursued various projects of their own, for example drummer Rick Woolstenhulme went on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls, guitarist Ben Carey founded the band Elvis Monroe. Jason Wade planned a solo album “Paper Cuts”, from the creation process of which many songs remained - it became clear to Wade that during the self-imposed break from Lifehouse he had written a whole series of pieces that seemed made for a new Lifehouse album: Straightforward, authentic, earthy, emotional and full of power - exactly the sound that Lifehouse had in mind when they were founded more than fifteen years ago.

So Wade drummed up his colleagues and the spark jumped immediately: The previous passion was back. Lifehouse's sixth record turns out to be the most authentic, perhaps even the best album by the Californian rockers. In keeping with their newly gained strength, Lifehouse separated from their old record company Geffen and released on their own label Ironworks.

The album with the programmatic title “Out Of The Wasteland” should also please fans of Nickelback - a joint US summer tour with Nickelback and Lifehouse was unfortunately canceled because of Chad Kroeger's health problems. But whether as the main or support act: Lifehouse songs belong on the stage. The balanced recipe of powerful, energetic rock pieces (eg “Hurricane”, “One for the Pain”) and emotional power ballads like “Flight”, “Firing Squad” or “Wish” creates atmosphere in your living room, but you can It's easy to imagine that the pieces come into their own live. Lifehouse was last seen in Germany in 2011 at Rock am Ring / Rock im Park, and Lifehouse will bring “Out Of The Wasteland” back to local venues in autumn.

The sensitively arranged “Runaways” ignites in the middle part in hymnic rock including a catchy chorus, in the softer, poppy “Alien” Wade thematizes fear of alienation and loneliness - and vocally reminds a bit of Kurt Cobain, so almost automatically of good old grunge times. In general, it is the self-doubtful and soulful side of Lifehouse that sets the band apart from overly vigorous competitors like the already mentioned Nickelback.

Lifehouse may not be the big number in this country - but with “Out Of The Wasteland” the Californians definitely belong to the top rock league.