Which job is for fresh graduates

This is what IT and technology graduates expect from their first job

# 1 employer: graduates' favorites

For the IT / technology division, more than 120,000 European students at around 700 universities were surveyed as part of the current trendence graduate study. At the beginning, the ranking of the top employers for whom IT and technology graduates would most like to work. Unsurprisingly, the top 5 are: Google, Microsoft, the Volkswagen Group, Apple and BMW lead the ranking. With the Strabag There is also an Austrian employer in the Top 100 - in 41st place (2015: 53rd place).

Exclusive study results from Austria

The ranking is interesting, but the study results with a lot of background information are even more interesting for employers. All of the following results are based on the survey statements Austrian student.

# 2 The wishes of the job and employer

This is particularly important for Austrian graduates in the working environment:

  1. Attractive work tasks
  2. Friendly colleagues
  3. Recognition in the job
  4. Personal development opportunities
  5. further education
  6. Good work-life balance
  7. Good career prospects
  8. Good leadership style
  9. Safe workplace
  10. innovation

Far behind in last place: a job that brings status and prestige with it.

# 3 The love of money and the desires of women and men

trendence also asked what salary young professionals expect. Compared to the previous year, the salary expectations of the IT and technology graduates are no more modest this year. The annual salary in Austria was 37,700 euros (2015: 34,000 euros). By the way, women are much more modest than their male colleagues: men expect an annual salary of 40,000 euros, women 33,100 euros a year.

17.3 percent is the Gender Pay Gap in Austria, a brief comparison with the DACH region: In Germany it is 8.7 percent and in Switzerland 7.3 percent.

# 4 Concerns and Opinions

  • Job satisfaction comes first! That stands for 56 percent of Austrian graduates Well-being in the workplace over a high salary. 17 percent see it the other way around and would prefer more money to satisfaction.
  • A company car or other Benefits make working life more pleasant, but 58 percent of graduates prefer good personal development at work to these candies. 14 percent would have more fun with a company credit card, a car or various memberships.
  • Anyone who wants to recruit IT specialists and technicians should not lose sight of their employer branding. 63 percent of the graduates would one lower salary accept when employers and companies are a really good fit for them.
  • Graduates are not completely worried about their careers future: 41 percent are concerned about their future careers.
  • Careers of women should be given special support, 38 percent of respondents in Austria agree. This puts us in the middle of the field: there is the greatest approval of this topic from graduates in France, Ireland, Italy, Great Britain and Portugal. At the bottom of the list is Russia with 14 percent approval.

# 5 Mobility: Which graduates emigrate, who comes to Austria?

What is the most attractive job market for graduates? A quarter of Austrian students do not move away from their university or college. They are looking for their first job near their training center. 23 percent are looking for vacancies in their hometown or town, 34 percent are open for jobs throughout Austria. 17 percent state that they want to work abroad after graduation.

In return, it is interesting which foreign IT and tech graduates find jobs in Austria particularly attractive: Students from Germany, Australia, Canada, Sweden, Great Britain, the USA and Switzerland would like to find their first job after university or FH in Austria.

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