What is the Chinese word for work

Admittedly, describing a Chinese character on the radio is not that easy. I'll try anyway because it dawned on me. The Chinese word “crisis” consists of two characters. The first is like a lightning bolt drawn quickly and is called "Danger". The second looks like a bride and groom with a lot of imagination and means "chance".

The ancient Chinese must somehow have suspected or known that a crisis consists of two components: danger and opportunity. The fact that a crisis can be dangerous - that is not new to me, I experience it on every corner in these times. But I find the opportunity particularly interesting.

There is also a beautiful story about a shipwrecked man. He's stranded on a lonely island. With the last of his strength, he builds a hut out of driftwood to keep his rescued supplies dry. When he came back from an exploration tour the next day, he saw thick smoke rising from afar. His hut is on fire. All work in vain, he thinks, and now my supplies are burning up. But hours later a yacht holds course for the island and docks. The shipwrecked man asks in astonishment: "How did you know I was here?" The captain replies: "We saw your smoke signals."

What initially looked like a complete catastrophe had a positive effect. And I'm currently experiencing that too. The crisis is sure to bring suffering. People get sick, die, are lonely, overworked, or fall out because they have to live too close together. But in the midst of the crisis, there are also new beginnings: people who make music for others, shop, and present gifts in front of the door. Parents who spend a lot of time with their children. Families and neighbors who, in a figurative sense, move closer together. The traffic decreases, the sky looks clearer, and I now think I can hear more birds chirping.

There are also crises and strokes of fate, there is no thought of new beginnings. Perhaps one can only endure that. And yet, when I look at my own path in life, I realize that it was the crises that brought me forward. Just because my previous job didn't really go on, I ended up at the point where it feels right now. It was only because a relationship was broken that I met my wonderful wife. Most of the time, crises were associated with a new departure. And the old Chinese have obviously known that for a long time: crisis equals danger plus opportunity.