How personal should a personal statement be

10 formulations for the last sentence of your application

What is true in other situations also applies to the application: The first and last impression can decide whether you are invited to an interview or not. With the closing sentence in the application letter many job seekers have a hard time. You want to appear confident, but not arrogant. Be polite but not degenerate into a supplicant. But where is the middle? Choosing the last sentence is made more difficult by the fact that he no longer than two lines should be. So you have little space left to convince.

Five ways to spank the last sentence

Before we use text examples to show you what a successful last sentence looks like, let's take a look at 5 absolute no-go's:

1. Stay away from the subjunctive

Would have, would have, bicycle chain ... Those who say goodbye in the subjunctive may come across as polite and humble, but destroy any self-confidence that was previously built up in the application letter about the presentation of skills and qualifications. The phrase "I would look forward to a personal conversation" suggests that you yourself doubt the possibility of being invited. Remain determined and instead write "I'm looking forward to a personal conversation."

2. Asking and begging

If you are applying for a job that you are clearly qualified and suitable for, there is no reason for you to end your cover letter with a desperate “Please, please invite me”. Even people who find it difficult to exude confidence should not use this tactic. Instead, you should focus on your motivation.

3. Exaggerated formulations are out

"I respectfully remain" - Are you seeking a job or an audience with the Queen of England? I suppose the former. Exaggerated standard phrases of this kind have no place in a modern application letter. While the balance of power used to be different, nowadays, thank God, recruiters and applicants meet Eye level. Communicate like that too!

4. Jostling is not appropriate

Having a healthy dose of self-confidence is important to get through life well. But as is so often the case here, too: the dose makes the poison. Sentences like “When can I introduce myself to you?” Could catch the recruiter on the wrong foot and come across as a bit too confident. Of course you can and should yours optimism manifest. But it is better to express yourself a little less demanding.

5. Forget the most important things

Once the last sentence is in place, it is important not to forget the actual ending: Greeting and "Signature". The times when you had to scan the latter are over. You should still include your name at the end. At the end of the cover letter there is also space to list the Appendix.

The perfect final sentence - examples for you

The most important thing when applying is that you yourself do not adjust. Your last sentence and basically all of your application documents should therefore bear your personal note. How you express yourself, however, should also suit the respective company or industry.

The following phrases always work in any case:

  • I look forward to an invitation to a personal interview.
  • I would be happy to convince you in a personal conversation that you are the perfect addition to your team.
  • I am looking forward to your reply.
  • If you have any questions, I will be happy to assist you personally.
  • I look forward to getting to know you and the team personally.
  • I would be happy to convince you personally of my motivation and my skills.

If the advertisement asks you to name a possible starting date or salary expectations, you can also use the last sentence.

  • I am available for the advertised position from DD.MM.YYYY.
  • Due to my notice period, I will be available to you on MM / DD / YYYY at the earliest.
  • My salary expectations for this position are between XY and YZ euros per year.
  • Due to my qualifications and skills, my salary expectations are between XY and YZ euros per year.

Have the last word even after the job interview?

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